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A Demon's Regret


My mouth filled with Andy's seed, and I rushed to swallow it as quickly as it came while he drove me over his length, still cumming. His hands in my hair, even though my jaw was sore, I felt exhilarated at the thought that I'd done it, that I'd been able to bring Andy to orgasm. The sound of his groan stayed fresh in my ears, warming me from the inside. I only hoped that he found my efforts satisfactory.

I licked up what I could from Andy's shaft, not wanting to leave a mess and irritate him. My hand was covered with goo... I peered up at him, and saw he was grinning like a loon, his pointy fangs unmistakable.

He started giggling, and running his hands through my hair. "You are really something, (Y/N)! Full of surprises!" He grunted happily and fell over, lying down on the bed. "Come now, clean yourself up, and then undress. I wish to feel the press of your soft flesh while embracing you in the traditional post-ejaculatory fashion. I won't be deterred, my sultry, little coquette!"

I balked as I offered Andy the box of tissues with my less saliva-covered hand. He ignored me, sighing happily and running his hands through that midnight hair of his. I sat down and started wiping away at myself, not feeling like it was my place to clean him off.

Naked? Andy wanted to see me? Why? I was a bit chubby, if I took my-

I heard Andy sit up behind me, felt him wrap his long arms around my waist, and pull me snug to his chest. I was incredibly conscious of the slightly moist, now soft, shape against my behind. Oh god! Andy hadn't put his dick back in his pants yet...

His voice was right by my ear. "My pet, you made it very unambiguous that we are going to do as I please. And it pleases me to lie next to your delicious, unclothed body. As I have said, whatever malicious things others have told you were false. I would know, as I have seen many, many thousands of women-” I felt my cheeks get warm from the odd compliment. “-and I wish to take my pleasures from admiring your ripe, nubile body, if not, hopefully, caressing and fornicating with it as well."

Andy rested his chin lightly on my shoulder, and I could just peer into his strange, blue, cat-like eyes. "Unless, of course, I've made a mistake, and you prefer to set your own agenda. Tell me the truth, (Y/N), because that is all I ever want to hear: Is the best way to make you feel content, loved, fulfilled, satisfied, wanted, everything you've ever hoped for… is it to tell you what I wish, have you act on my cravings and desires?"

I glanced at Andy and wondered if he had truly only encountered very simple women in the past, or what? I supposed I should be straightforward. "Andy, I’m… I appreciate the thought, but I realize that there isn't any chance, realistically..." I hesitated.

I couldn’t very well say, ‘No one could give me what I really wanted, because I was unlovable, so I settled for a phony for a few days or so, however long you end up lasting. Don’t worry, you’re an excellent facsimile, but let’s not pretend it’s anything more than that, ok?

I didn't want to be insulting, so I needed to be careful. "I don't know how your kind deals with love, or if you feel love, please don't be offended. But that is not something I am expecting from you. If I... develop it, I apologize."

Andy snorted quietly. I guess he expected it from me, cocky bastard. "Anyway, I don't... I've always been rejected in romantic matters. I've been single for a long time. And ultimately, with you, I know it will go that way too, after a fashion-" Andy sniffed, but I kept talking, "-but I knew that. I accepted that and just wanted a break, for once."

I took a breath. "So I don't really know what would make me happy anymore. I know you're really neat, it's terrible you can't leave the apartment without me, so I'm going to do everything I can to keep you happy, of course. You're my guest."

Andy chucked, and it resonated in his chest, against my back. "Very good, then. I presumed I was correct."

Andy squeezed me a little tighter, then inhaled deeply right by my ear, making an almost inaudible purring sound. "Do you have any idea how incredible you smell?”

He hummed happily, and again, being right by my ear, I could hear a faint purring. “This is an appealing little night dress. Remove it, before I tear it off you, my little plum! I cannot wait to see your form, exposed to me, any longer! Even if you will not couple with me, take pity on a dirty, old demon and at least let me look!”

Andy's semen was still lingering in my throat, between my teeth. His voice was a deep baritone right in my ear. It irked me that he should order me about, whether some part of me might like it or not. I frowned.

I turned my head to look at Andy. "Not unless you're naked too." It came out sounding petulant, and I was embarrassed. I felt his grip about my waist loosen.

Andy grinned toothily, raising an eyebrow at me. "Curious, are we?"


Demon-Andy's a happy man! Feeling zesty after that!



I try! ;3


Working on it! <3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah

I hope you're feeling better!

Naughty Naughty Naughty! :)

Merelan Merelan

Oh, coolness... can't wait to read that chapter! :)

Merelan Merelan


I know, right? Haha! I think it might be even fluffier than my Santa oneshot. But never fear- I never provide fluff unbalanced by filth. Heh.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah