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Action Figure


I raced along after (Y/N) to her bedroom, giddy with excitement, the pressure in my pants both pleasant and somewhat uncomfortable. I watched her undress and felt my groin throbbing for attention, different from anything I'd felt before. I felt an overwhelming need, a want. Her body was so fascinating! I found I couldn’t look away, it was perfection. Her shoulders were smooth, the way they led cleanly to her round mammary glands, like ripe fruits, overhanging her soft, curving hips, and long legs- was this the insanity that (Y/N) was worried about? Had her nudity made me psychotic? I knew I wanted to be human as soon as possible, this surely had to do with mating... Was my body wanting to mate with (Y/N)’s? Had my body wanted to mate with hers so badly that I had possibly become insane? Humans must be very strong-willed not to lose their minds around (Y/N), I hadn’t even made it a day!

Confused about what to do, I pushed, frustrated, several times on the front of my pants. It had to have something to do with my penis, I knew it! If I could just relieve the pressure…

After readying a towel and several items, (Y/N) beckoned me closer. "Take your clothes off, Andy." I complied, eager to satisfy her in any and every instruction.

I saw she was breathing heavily... In fact, so was I! Was this part of human arousal? I looked down to see my penis was very turgid- it was so much thicker, and its length had increased massively! I gripped it, and it was firm, too! It felt good, having my hand around it, and also as I squeezed it. I furrowed my brow and watched (Y/N), waiting for the next step, but I was pretty sure I was on to something...

"Good, that's hot, Andy. When you watch me, if something I do turns you on, stroke your cock, like this, ok?" (Y/N) made a motion as though she were running her hand up and down her own, invisible, erect penis. I nodded, I was ready.

I watched intently from the corner of the foot of the bed, enthralled. She spread her firm thighs wide, and I saw her complex flower. It was delicate and glistened with that naturally-made lubricant of female humans. Knowing (Y/N) was aroused, I felt myself stiffen further, and remembered to stroke along my shaft. It felt very pleasant as I listened to her talk, entranced.

"Women have thicker outer labia, Andy, here." (Y/N) pinched a puffy fold of flesh, one of the two outer petals. "Just inside are the inner labia, these. "She fingered one of the thinner pair of delicate petals, that lay enfolded within. "If you follow the inner labia upwards, towards the front, they meet at what's called the hood, it covers the clitoris, like a cave." Here she pushed back her hood, revealing a small, swollen, pink jewel of flesh. "The clitoris is full of nerves, some women-"

I was working myself fairly decently now, it was feeling better and better, and I couldn't stop myself from interrupting, "-I don't care about other women, I only want to know what you like. I only want you."

I saw (Y/N) curl her toes and pinch her nipple before continuing on. "I like it when circles are rubbed around it until right before I cum, then I rub it directly." She bit her lip and demonstrated for a moment, and I worked myself even harder.

"Come where?" I had to know! This was vital!

"Mmm..." (Y/N)'s toes curled again. "Cumming is another word for orgasm, a culminating, uhmmmm, pleasure, Andy." I didn't understand, but I felt the need to stroke myself grow more pressing at her words. If it was pleasurable, I decided that, once I was human, I would make sure (Y/N) always came to orgasm during mating, wherever that was. Travel might be awkward during coitus, but she was worth it, I loved her.

I watched her fine fingers moving rapidly in small circles around the little cave, the hood, with the pink jewel inside. Soon (Y/N)'s mammary glands began to jostle as she stimulated herself more rapidly, and her breathing became heavier. The fluid she had made coated her fingers and glinted as it ran down the cleft from her vaginal entrance to her buttocks. I was overwhelmed by the sight, the pressure I felt in my penis growing. "Can I touch?"

(Y/N) grunted lightly before looking at me, licking her full lips, and nodding. The moment my palm made contact with her toe, I was flooded, nearly knocked to the ground, by the sensations and thoughts that hit me.

I moaned and I felt myself turn to iron in my hand. Images of (Y/N) and my namesake, they were ‘fucking,’ there were so many ways humans could mate, he was kissing her flower, touching it, and me, (Y/N) liked watching me pleasure myself, she liked it, she thought I was sexy! The thought sent me into a feeling I’d never felt before, like a spiraling I couldn’t stop. I saw (Y/N) rubbing her ripe, pink berry hard, and when she said my name, I almost passed out as something incredible happened.

My whole body experienced a wave of ecstasy, but it had its origin in my penis. I fell to my knees, I was so overwhelmed. I looked down, slowing my strokes and finding them now more pleasurable when infrequent, to see mud spurting from the tip! I wasn’t sure what had happened, when a massive second wave of delight hit me, coming from (Y/N). It caused even more mud to come out as she called my name and I gripped her toe, holding on for dear life!

Were we coming to orgasm? Would we survive?


A little something for the folks out there into microphilia {tiny beings: little-Andy qualifies}, macrophilia {giants, giantesses: (Y/N) is a giantess to little-Andy}, or agalmatophilia {statues, mannequins, immobility: little-Andy is technically a figurine}.



I totally have the figurines sitting on my shelf right now. Though mine are significantly different from the one in the story, ha! French is a bitch so I feel you, I took it on and off for nine years in my early youth. I'm definitely planning on writing a sequel at some point, but I have so many ideas stored up, it may be a while.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah


but maybe after ADR/B is finished ;)

"Of course I speak English- everyone speaks English!"

Lol tell that to my French teacher who failed me like twice! XD (p.s. I was actually good at that class so that says a lot!)

I'm only on chapter three so no spoilers but... this reminds me of a story I read before on Tokiohotelfiction.com and it's a little spooky but it's making me laugh so hard XD (I will mention that this story is obviously inspired by the figurines and that story came out in like 2008 so they're very different but the premise is the same)

Im really enjoying this story so far! I'm about to run out of finished stories though. *cries* Personally I don't have one of the figurines- I found them a little unnerving myself but I probably would have Ashley cuz yea- I'm a bad boy addict :3


I'm so glad! I plan to write a sequel at some point, if you're interested you can vote in the poll, or rate this if you like. In the meantime, I've got quite a few other stories I've written. :3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah