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Action Figure


“I don’t know Andy, you’re not supposed to get wet.” Andy laughed and stuck his entire head in the shot glass.

I giggled, watching Andy shake the whiskey off of the tips of his hair like a dog. “Easy there, killer!” I held out a finger, and he held on, steadying himself. I found myself thinking about how I surely wasn’t supposed to get nearly so wet myself, watching a sexy figurine get loaded.

Andy smirked at me. “Ah, I see! I can learn too…” He looked up at me. “So when human women become aroused, their vaginal passage creates a natural lubricant for the male?”

I blushed, startled at his blunt line of questioning. “Um, yes. Sometimes, the, uh, male will touch the female, to… increase the effect. It’s pleasurable. Or, um, some couples prefer lots of kissing, that can also make some women quite aroused… Every woman is different, Andy.”

Andy caught hold of my finger again, kissing it lightly. “I only care about one woman… Show me?” My eyebrows shot up, but Andy continued before I could say anything. “I know I am small and made of stone, but I am still a man, (Y/N), a man that loves you. I’ve never experienced sensuality, and you make it sound so divine! I can tell you want it with Andy by your touch, that you think of him…”

Andy bit his lip, squeezing my finger. “I want to be your Andy, (Y/N), I want to become human, and give you every pleasure you’ve ever wanted from him. It sounds incredible, this kind of encounter, you want it so badly, and with the emotions I feel… It stirs me, I feel hot! You are so beguiling, just look, my reproductive organs have changed shape!” He pointed at an obvious swelling in his pants and I was shocked I hadn’t noticed it.

“I am too small to please you myself, please let me watch you touch yourself as a human man would. I know from your touch you know how, I beg you! Please fulfill my fantasy, (Y/N), until I am human and can please you myself, let me watch and learn!”

Maybe I’d had too much to drink. Maybe I’d been alone too long. But the response I gave the small man made of magic stone was perhaps not the common sense one. “Only if you let me show you how to please yourself while you watch me.”


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I totally have the figurines sitting on my shelf right now. Though mine are significantly different from the one in the story, ha! French is a bitch so I feel you, I took it on and off for nine years in my early youth. I'm definitely planning on writing a sequel at some point, but I have so many ideas stored up, it may be a while.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah


but maybe after ADR/B is finished ;)

"Of course I speak English- everyone speaks English!"

Lol tell that to my French teacher who failed me like twice! XD (p.s. I was actually good at that class so that says a lot!)

I'm only on chapter three so no spoilers but... this reminds me of a story I read before on Tokiohotelfiction.com and it's a little spooky but it's making me laugh so hard XD (I will mention that this story is obviously inspired by the figurines and that story came out in like 2008 so they're very different but the premise is the same)

Im really enjoying this story so far! I'm about to run out of finished stories though. *cries* Personally I don't have one of the figurines- I found them a little unnerving myself but I probably would have Ashley cuz yea- I'm a bad boy addict :3


I'm so glad! I plan to write a sequel at some point, if you're interested you can vote in the poll, or rate this if you like. In the meantime, I've got quite a few other stories I've written. :3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah