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Action Figure


I ran my hand over Andy’s face; it was smooth. I ran my other hand through his hair. Aside from feeling like it had some product in it, it felt like hair, not the usual carefully chiseled block that somehow only Andy could move. Andy looked terrified at my reaction again.

“(Y/N), what have I done now? I’m so sorry, please say something! Is it the kissing? Has the rest of my face come off?” Andy tentatively reached to check and see if he still had a face, and I stifled a giggle. “My nose is spongy and soft (Y/N), it gives when I press on it. Perhaps the moisture is dissolving me from the inside?”

Andy looked deadly serious. “I stick by my words. It is worth anything just to feel the caress of your lips. Quickly, I may not have long left, kiss me again before I die, please, I beg you!”

I decided to show Andy what French kissing was; hopefully he’d forgive me for waiting on the good news, this was too tempting. “Ok, but open your mouth, Andy.”

Andy was still flustered as he gently probed his face with his fingers. “Why? Hurry, (Y/N), my face is collapsing, like a jello-filled cave!”

I gave him a flirty look. “It increases intimacy, part your lips and let my tongue in, like this. ”I parted the lips of Andy’s very human mouth with my tongue, slipping it past his now slack jaws. When my tongue slid against his, he groaned and responded instinctively for a few seconds before pulling away.

“Oh! I… If I must lose my face now, even if I must die, truly, that was a worthy reason.” Andy’s face was a healthy pink and he was smiling.

I held his hand and started to cry silently, I was so happy for him. “Andy… Nothing is wrong. You… I think you’re human.”

Andy’s eyes popped open wide in disbelief, but he must have known from our shared contact that I was telling the truth. He gently took my hand, and brought it, palm up, next to one of his for his visual inspection. Finding them similar, he started to breathe rapidly. I took a lock of his hair in my hand, and demonstrated that I could run my fingers through the strands. He looked down at his body, stunned, and found he had fine hairs on his belly and chest, too delicate to have shown in sandstone. “Look!” He pointed at them proudly. “I have secondary, male, sexual characteristics!”

I laughed. “You have primary ones too, silly!” It was then that I noticed Andy was crying, now salty tears like mine, and I took him in my arms. “Easy, Andy… Are you happy?”

Andy sniffled. “I assume, by your touch, that I have a mouth? One with color?” I nodded with a little chuckle. “Then, yes, I’m very happy, so long as you will have me, (Y/N). I wish only to be your Andy.”

His voice was both passionate and sincere, and his eyes were so bright and a very vivid blue that stone could never have captured. “I know enough to recognize that I know very little. I will try very hard to learn quickly, to make things easier for you, and to contribute. But it’s my goal to be the partner you deserve, I will work my hardest. I love you so much, with everything that I am.”

“I love you too, Andy. Truly.” I squeezed him against me. I knew there were going to be a lot of practical concerns we’d have to overcome. But today was a day for celebration, and those concerns could wait just a while longer. When the time came, we would see them through together.





I totally have the figurines sitting on my shelf right now. Though mine are significantly different from the one in the story, ha! French is a bitch so I feel you, I took it on and off for nine years in my early youth. I'm definitely planning on writing a sequel at some point, but I have so many ideas stored up, it may be a while.

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah


but maybe after ADR/B is finished ;)

"Of course I speak English- everyone speaks English!"

Lol tell that to my French teacher who failed me like twice! XD (p.s. I was actually good at that class so that says a lot!)

I'm only on chapter three so no spoilers but... this reminds me of a story I read before on Tokiohotelfiction.com and it's a little spooky but it's making me laugh so hard XD (I will mention that this story is obviously inspired by the figurines and that story came out in like 2008 so they're very different but the premise is the same)

Im really enjoying this story so far! I'm about to run out of finished stories though. *cries* Personally I don't have one of the figurines- I found them a little unnerving myself but I probably would have Ashley cuz yea- I'm a bad boy addict :3


I'm so glad! I plan to write a sequel at some point, if you're interested you can vote in the poll, or rate this if you like. In the meantime, I've got quite a few other stories I've written. :3

SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah