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Game Freak

Pilot *CC's POV*

"I don't want to be an American Idiot. Don't want to be a nation under the new media. And can you hear the sound of hysteria? The subliminal mind-fuck America."

I groaned loudly as one of my favorite songs blasted into my ear drums. Aimlessly slapping at the snooze button, I gave up and opened my eyes. I had forgotten to shut my certain the night before, so the first morning burst of sunlight stung my tired eyes. It was around seven O'clock in the morning and Robin was already up, half ready for the convention I was taking her to today. I'm glad she was excited, but I needed sleep. I loved the girl, but god damn she tired me out! Now I know how the band must feel. I have to apologize to the guys after this... god damn.

"CC! I'M SOO EXCITED! YOU HAVE TO GET READY SO WE CAN GO! AHHH!" Robin just about jumped threw the roof with a girlish scream. Robin is my sister's daughter, my niece. She is my little spit fire, and I would do anything for her... Sadly, that includes going to an anime convention dressed as a rock n' roll ash ketchup from Pokémon. I had the regular essentials for a, "Pokémon Master." Thing like : A hat, pokèball, gloves, jacket, crazy hair, etc. Then we added some black ripped jeans, and put a few studs here are there to make it more alternative. It was a pretty creative idea. Robin did a great job making it, and it was two things that I knew well. She showed me you don't have to be a geek to know how to have a bit of geeky fun.

" Okay okay! Just calm down. I need some coffee to handle your spunk. Just sit down and behave." I spoke a low chuckle as I stepped out of my room and walked down the staircase.
"BUT CC! HOW IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOST TO STAY CALM WHEN I GET TO GO TO RADICAL ANIME!" She said running down the stairs, as if to beat me to the bottom. She almost tripped over the pajama pants I bought her last Christmas. She loved those things like her life depended on them. She was only a mere five feet and three inches, so the pants just hung off her small frame and dangled at her feet. I didn't realize she was so tiny at the time because she is always wearing combat boots when she comes to visit. I always tell her to cut the ends off before she kills herself, but no. She loves them too much. Ha ha, what a dork.

Radical Anime was the name of the convention we were going to. It was suppose to be one of the greatest out there, but it didn't matter to me. All that mattered was spending time with Robin. She is the only girl in my life. I don't just see her as a niece. I see her as a friend. Someone who will always be around. I just want her to feel the same. I don't want to be the boring uncle. Nor, do I want to be the uncle who tries too hard. I just want to be someone she loves and trusts.

Robin was going as a dark princess Zelda. It was a cool idea, and she did an amazing job making it, but I was just happy that her boobs were covered. My niece is in no way, a slut. I would never allow her to just parade around in her chonies. She may almost be eighteen, but she is still a child to me. She was dressed in a dark handmade gown, with jewels and gold trimming. She had her hair colored to match the wispy white clouds in the sky above her. She looked beautiful! It was almost like my little girl was growing up...

*four hours later, leaving to meet Robin's mother*

I had an amazing time with Robin. I loved how her face lit up each time her eyes took in a new thing around her. I may not understand a lot of what is around me, but I love to see her smile.
"Robin, as much as I would love to stay, we must meet your mother soon." I looked at her with sorry eyes. I knew she didn't want to leave, and I hated being the bad guy... but we had to. I thought the last four hours would have been the worst torcher a man could endure, but it wasn't. I loved doing this special thing with Robin. I now have about a thousand dollars invested in World of Warcraft, and I bought cat ears from a fat guy in a corset, but it's something I'll always remember.
"No! CC don't give me that look! Don't feel bad about leaving! This is the most fun I have had in a long time. Thank you so much!" I felt her tired gaze on me fade, as she griped me tightly in a firm loving hug.
"I love you to." I whispered, almost to myself. She wasn't a very lovey-dovey person, and I didn't want to ruin this moment with words that made her uncomfortable. I knew she understood how much her happiness meant to me. I also knew that when she hugs someone... it is a big deal. I'm happy to be a big deal in her life. That's all I want.
"What?" Robin looked up at me to ask what I had just mumbled. I knew the moment was gone by now, so I might as well tell her. I was about to speak when... she appeared.

Nothing but her eyes showed threw her hooded face. He beautiful eyes scanning the rows of comic books to her right. Her eyes were two different colors, each showing the dichotomy in her persona. I could tell she was a bit shy... yet somehow I could see us screaming and laughing like we ruled the world. One was a beautiful brown. Almost a shit brown... like mystic pools of potty water. The other, a piercing ice blue that cut threw the air as she looked up at me.

"Shit. She noticed me! What do I do? Do I go and talk to her? Is she even looking at me? Is my makeup messed up? Is she looking at someone behind me? WHAT DOD I DO?!?" A million thoughts and feelings raced threw my head... then I made the mistake that started it all.

I quickly threw Robin over my shoulder and sat her down in front of the comics with a twenty in her hand. She looked up at me with eyes to kill, then looked back down at a batman comic and practically forgot her own name. God, she gets more like Andy everyday. Starting to worry me. They hang out a lot, they hold hands, sit on the couch and watch movies together... even kiss each other on the cheek sometimes. They say they are just friends... but they way Andy looks at her... I'll come back to this later. Right now , in this moment, I need this girl. I need her attention, I needed her touch, I needed her voice, her smile... I just needed to be near her.

I let Robin do her thing as I approached the beautiful girl. She was even more magnificent up close. I could tell she wasn't trying to be attractive or have any sex appeal. She was just being her. Nothing crazy, nothing that made her stand out like a dad at a One Direction concert. She just was showing an interest in something she loved, and I had to admit... I thought it was hot.
"H-hello." I said, looking at her as she skimmed threw a Doctor Who comic. She just nodded, as if to tell me to fuck off. Now what do I do? She was too amazing to just let slip threw my fingers! I was about to speak to her... but I then just decided to retreat and walk to the car with Robin after buying the comic.

I was so mad at myself! I was probably just tired and was having strong emotions because I was out of it... right? I was just overwhelmed by the things around me, then started attacking the closest thing. Right? Ugh. I'm just so mad that I couldn't even get a chicks number. How stupid does a guy have to be to just say hello, then walk away?

I looked over at Robin in the passenger's seat. She quickly turned her attention the road ahead of us. She could see that I was upset and it looked as if she was about to cry...
"Robin, It's okay. I'm fine. Just tired." I said with a bright smile and a calm tone. She returned the smile... but it wasn't as bright... almost dim... fuck. I had to fuck this up to?!!?!?

*Echo's POV*

"I have to go battle it out with my anus. Be right back." Destery gave me a light pat on the back as he walked off, loosing me in a crowed of people. Oh shit. He is off going to the bathroom, while I'm here fighting for my life! Stay calm... just stay calm Echo. I had a quick moment of panic, I had no idea where to turn! My best friend just left me for dead! Just in that moment, I spotted a comic book stand. I rushed over and started looking at the comics. I just needed something to distract myself from all the people. I hated big crowds like this, ever since I was little. They always scared me and made me on edge. I guess you could call me paranoid, but I call it humafobic. I'm petrified of people. That is... until I saw him look at me...

I knew him. He was from one of my favorite bands! My heart began to race, my palms began to sweat, as my skin faded to a pale white. Then he spoke a friendly hello... I couldn't speak. I couldn't breathe. I could feel everything start to fade around me. All I could muster out was a slight nod. Not even a hello, or my name. NOT EVEN MY FUCKING NAME! God why am I so bad at this?!?!

I gazed up to try to speak once more... but he was gone. How am I suppose to meet him now? He was my idol! How in the hell am I suppost to show him how much I love his work... if I can't even talk to him...



Echo (and a mask/hood that covers her face but not her eyes)

Hey! It's me! This is just a short first chapter to test and see if anyone likes it. Comment your ideas and feed back, I always love to hear it. THANK YOU FOR READING!

*boob squeeze*

(")_(") Thank you, and you're welcome. c:



Great minds think alike my friend! Hope you enjoy!

I had a similar idea (though it involved Ashley Purdy and a porn star in incognito) plus I'm a big fantasy game nerd :3 so it seemed right. Just no cliche references ;P

DayTripper DayTripper


Oh my god! So happy somebody likes this! I have a lot planned for this story, and a lot of gaming references planned! I was just trying to write a short first chapter to see if I could get any readers! AHHHHH!!!! THANK YOUUU GUYYYSSS!!! Your questions will soon be answered!

Can/will there be like LoL references? O.o I'd fucking love to have a good Soraka cosplay or maybe a Caithe from GW2?

DayTripper DayTripper

Ohai! If CC is going to steal Destery's girlfriend, I support this story 1000% ^_^