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Game Freak


Christian Coma has never been a geek. He doesn't play many video games, he doesn't watch anime, he doesn't know what L.A.R.P is, and he has never dressed up in costume, other than his normal stage makeup and Halloween. His niece on the other hand... She is the geekiest of them all. Robin Alissa Slaughter is a seventeen year old game freak. She loves card games, PC games, she does L.A.R.P, she reads all the new comics, she has watched almost every anime out there, she makes her own cosplays by hand, and much much more! She loves anything and everything associated with the word, "geek." Sometimes they both wonder how they could ever be related. Robin loves indie electronica music and gaming, while Christain is in a sucsessfull rock band with a growing fan base. Despite all their differences, they still love one another. Christian would do anything for Robin, and Robin would never shy away from a chance to help Christian.

When CC agrees to take Robin to an anime convention, he spots the girl who changes his life around. A mystery girl who goes by the name of Echo Jett. A shy British girl who loves her best friend, Destery. Destery is Echo's go to guy. She doesn't enjoy most people, and is always too scared to go out and have a good time. He is Echo's safe place and helps her threw everything life throws at her. Wither it be a break up, or loosing in a game of Hearthstone, he is always there. He wishes Echo would be more open, he wishes that she could just be herself. Just be the girl who loves rock music and video games. He decides to take her to a convention to let her out of her comfort zone and be surrounded by people who have similar interests. She has been to a few small conventions before, but never one this big. Let alone one where she meets the drummer of her favorite band! What will happen when she is too dumbfounded to speak? Will she ever see him again? What will happen when Robin is falling apart and can't count on her Uncle? Who will she run to? Am I ever going to stop asking questions and get on with the fanfiction? Maybe.

***WARNING*** rated NC-17 for trigger warnings, sexual content, language, and the fact that my mind is in the gutter.


AEYYYYYYY!! Legolas... because Legolas

AEYYYYYYY!! Legolas... because Legolas

This is your author! I just wanted to state that I will add more characters and information as the story progresses. I worked so hard on this and have alot planned. My goal is for this story to be different, much like the people in it. I don't want this to be a carbon copy of all the other fanfiction cleshes, I wan't this to be soething people can't get enough of. I welcome you to a world of fanacy, music, romance, and DRAMMAAA BOMBBS! If anyone dosen't understand something or is confused by a gamer refrence, I'm happy to explain. I hope you enjoy my story and hope that it makes you laugh, cry, sit at teh edge of your seat, then fall off lauging again!

Andrew Dennis Beirsack (20, blue eyes, black hair) *Lead singer of BVB*

Andrew Dennis Beirsack (20, blue eyes, black hair) *Lead singer of BVB*

CC is taking this love thing to a dangerous level. He is in love with someone he can't handle... but who am I to judge? She is so broken without him by her side. I had to help her! I want to know she is okay and never let anyone hurt her. CC knows this, and he feels the same. Then why would he run away from her like so many others? How could he leave her for some girl he dosen't even know the name of... I love her.

Christian Coma (22, brown eyes, black hair) *Drummer of BVB*

Christian Coma (22, brown eyes, black hair) *Drummer of BVB*

WAZZZZUUUPP! I'm CC! I am just a loud rocker guy who loves his little Robin Hood with all his heart. I may not be a nerd, but I can try to be for her. Robin has opened me up to a new world filled with magic, dragons, warriors, jorneys and quests, and a thrill for adventure. It may be out of my comfort zone, but I'll do it for her. Especialy after all the hard times she has gone threw. I made a vow to always me there for her... untill I met my Game Freak. She is like Robin in many ways, kind, heartfelt, nerdy, and very beautiful. I can't get her out of my head, witch sends me down a dark path of hurting the ones I love... and muself. Will our paths cross again? Or are our two worlds just too far appart?

Destery Xavier Smith  (23, hazle eyes, black hair) *Echo's bff*

Destery Xavier Smith (23, hazle eyes, black hair) *Echo's bff*

Hey! I'm Destery, better known by my YouTube name, CapnDesDes. Sometimes it's hard balancing my job and Echo, but I try my best. Echo is always trying to help others before herself. Her one wish in life is for everyone she cares for to be happy. She would rip out her still beating heart just to make someone smile. She would rub goats milk all over herself, nakid, just to make someone laugh, she would burn off my ass hairs.... ok I think you get the picture. I just want to be the one who can help her after she has helped the world. She is so broken inside and just pushes it all away to help others. I just want to be the one who helps her. How can I do that when she is running away from me to find her dream man? How can I protect her from something she can't find?

Echo Marie  Jett ( 21, right eye is blue, left eye is green, pastel hair.) *Destery's bff, Brittish*

Echo Marie Jett ( 21, right eye is blue, left eye is green, pastel hair.) *Destery's bff, Brittish*

Hello, I'm Echo. Um... my best friend, Des, is taking me to a cosplay convention. I'm sooo excited, yet also petrified. Don't get me wrong, I may be a bit intoverted, but I love going to cosplay conventions. I just have never been to one this big... I'm just glad to have Destery by my side. I'm not one who can have a normal conversation with people without making it weird and unatral. I don't do anything special like singing or poetry. I'm just me. Strange, introverted, punk rock, geeky... me. Maybe that's the reason I was too scared to speak to him that day. Because I'm not specail... I'm just me. Will I ever see him again? If I do, how will I affect his life? How will he affect mine?

Robin Alissa Slaughter (17.5, blue eyes, pastel hair) *CC's Niece*

Robin Alissa Slaughter (17.5, blue eyes, pastel hair) *CC's Niece*

Hey! I'm Robin. My Uncle likes to call me a little spit fire, and I guess he is right. My mum discribes me as an outgoing and unique young lady. I think that was just her way of telling me I was crazy and wasn't afraid to show it. I love my uncle, I love that he has a career he loves, I love how happy he is, and I love that he is always there for me... this is until he met her... I don't know were to turn at this point. My life is crumbling at the seems and I can't take it anymore! I've always been a happy individual, and even when I am down, I can always find a bright side. But now it's all fading away, and fast. My only friend, other than CC, was Andy. He is the lead singer of CC's band, and was always a blast to hang out with. We always hung out when CC was busy and he was always so nice to me. Can I count on him? Or will I be left for dead?


  1. Pilot *CC's POV*

    CC is taking Robin to an anime convention when he confronts a mysterious beauty he can't seem to find the name of. He struggles to know more about her, but their worlds are too different, and he shys away from the romance. He runs away from her... but will their worlds ever meet again?



Great minds think alike my friend! Hope you enjoy!

I had a similar idea (though it involved Ashley Purdy and a porn star in incognito) plus I'm a big fantasy game nerd :3 so it seemed right. Just no cliche references ;P

DayTripper DayTripper


Oh my god! So happy somebody likes this! I have a lot planned for this story, and a lot of gaming references planned! I was just trying to write a short first chapter to see if I could get any readers! AHHHHH!!!! THANK YOUUU GUYYYSSS!!! Your questions will soon be answered!

Can/will there be like LoL references? O.o I'd fucking love to have a good Soraka cosplay or maybe a Caithe from GW2?

DayTripper DayTripper

Ohai! If CC is going to steal Destery's girlfriend, I support this story 1000% ^_^