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Rebel (Wild Ones fanfic)

chapter one

Ugh. I had to go to school today. Great. I was the outcast there. The girls wore plain white shirts, gray skirts, and black socks and shoes. Oh, and brown ties. The boys wore grey shirts, same color shoes and socks, but with white ties and even plain wite ish brown pants. Pants the color if the sandy dust.
anywho, i gpt up and got dresed. To day was the last day until break. Even though break was only loike, an week. I stepped outside of my home, and set off for school. Kayla soon spotted me and stepped beside me. "Day?" She asked. "Boring." I replied. "Oh, well, duh. It just started." She laughed. A Shadow guard glareed at her. We're not supposed to have joy. I couldnt care less.
we sat through our lesons and finally we went to my house. I secretly had a watch that my inventor of a father gave me when i was six. It was a watch where you could play a virtual game. Soepmeone knockd. I hid the watch but not fast enough. The Guard smashd it. "The town is being raided by Wild ones. Leave to the shelter." I nodeed, and began to pack. "Where you going?" Kayla asked whwn the Guard left. "With the Wild Ones. Come too." She nodded. An hour later, we ra towards tge raiding party. There the Wild Five were, leading the others. suddenlt, a Shadow grabbd us. "HELP!!" The Mystic burned the Shadow. "Com on." We nodded and followed.


First story since way back when! Wooo!


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