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One Heart, One Life.

Past Life

Okay, so, my name is Emma Grewar, and I attend the highschool Vincent Massey Collegiate. If you know me, then thats great. I don't really care. xD So, I have no friends, I like to write and make youtube videos, I am in love with BVB and my secret crush "shhh" is CC. :P He is just so energentic and fun, it brings me to life everytime I hear his voice. So, the forest in chapter one. That is based in the Assinaboin Park, I have no clue where as I don't know that park at all, but I know it's close to the school. Another thing, this story is based off my life, both at school and home. I do have a bitchy mother, and lousy lazy father, and a very loving and energentic dog. I don't get bullied at school, and that's really onyl because our school and a large arts program, so you find people similar to me everywhere. I'm the only one in my grade who might be considered, goth/ emo, or punk. I like rock music, and metal. Well, I also like, classical, techno/ electronic, and well, pretty much any type of music except Country. XD So yeah, hope you enjoyed this filler thingy, and please keep on reading and enjoying One Heart, One Life! Bye!



Please update soon, its such a great story even though its only one chapter :)