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One Heart, One Life.

Last two days

As I walked down the stairs from the third floor, I couldn't help but notice the looks I got as I passed each floor. Emo, Goth, Punk, Fag, Fat, Should be dead, were of the many yells I got. I kept my head down, just wanting to head outside and write. The sun glinted off my leather jacket, and a few people pretended to die from the light. I was pushed into the stair well, banging my ribs on the railing as I went down the last flight of stairs. I was glad there were only 2 days left in school. Then I could finally escape the torture of hell I was put through everyday. Well, for the summer at least.

My name is Emma Grewar, and this is a true story based off of my life at my school. Except, I don't get bullied, but it is hell. And, I haven't met BVB. Yet.

The torture of bullying didn't help my situation at home. I tried to stay away from there as much as I could. My mother had started drinking a awful lot of wine, and then told me I was selfish, ugly, and fat. She only seemed to care about herself. My dad was a person I used to love. But then his drinking got worse, and soon he was coming home drunk. I got him to see a doctor about it, but it seems he couldn't be bothered to fix his problem. So now he just sits around the house, lazy and tired. My dog, Glorybee, is my best friend, and I try to spend as much time as possible with her. It was only a few weeks ago that I started to listening to Black Veil Brides. They started to give me hope, and made me feel better when I was bullied around. I didn't have a computer in my room, so most of my video watching took place on our iMac, in the kitchen. I was confronted one day by my parents on why I was watching these "guys who look like girls". I told them they're my favourite band, and that I want to see them in concert on the Warped Tour 2013. That basically shattered all dreams I had of meeting them, as my mother started lecturing me on money and costs, and my dad just got upset about how there're a bad influence, and that they were the ones who made me dress this way. Even though I've been dressing in black for 3 years now.

As I finally got out of the school, I went to my favourite park, it was just trees, and old dirt paths. Hardly anyone came by here anymore. I climbed up to my usual branches, and hung my bag on the branch to my left. One of the branches I had placed up top, layed over my legs creating a table of sorts. I grabbed my writing and started exploring the world on paper.


I came home to a empty household, and my dog Glorybee waiting for me at the door.

"Hey there Glorybee! How's my little puppy doing?" I asked, getting the usual happy smile and kiss from her. I trudged my bag to my room, and walked into the kitchen. I hadn't eaten since last night, almost 24 hours ago. Grabbing a container of leftover Stir Fry, I walked over the computer and started watching some All Time Low videos. About 3 hours later, my parents came home, both tired and as usual, in a bad mood.

"What do you want for dinner?" My dad asked monotoneously.

"Anything is good" I replied, not looking up. I hardly ever ate these days, I don't know why. Something in me just made me hate food. At dinner my parents told me that I had to eat at least 5 bites, or couldn't leave the table. I did as I was told, not wanting to get them mad. The days seemed to stretch on forever, and after what seemed like forvever, the second to last day of school came. I only had tomorrow, and then I could finally relax, and figure out what I wanted to do for the summer. After I was done my fourth class, I headed out to the park. I saw these guys running around the small clearing, wearing all black and they all had black hair. For those of you who care, my hair is black with purple bangs, and I usually wear black skinnys with a black tee or tank, and my leather jacket. I curiously watched them from the tree, not wanting to get involved. They all came together for a moment, and just stood talking. I got a look closer, and saw that it was Black Veil Brides! I was way to shy to go up to them, so I sadly just turned around and walked back to my tree.

Andy's POV

I came crashing towards Ashley before Jinxx toppled me and I landed on the ground. I stood up laughing, calling the "Time" signal.

"Oh fuck" I said bending over to catch my breath. I stretched letting my arms hang loose. As I turned my head slightly, I caught someone standing in the distance. I stood up looking over. It was a girl, she had black hair with purple bangs, and our signature scar cuts on her face. She looked very sad, and turned around and walked away. I felt my heart go out to her, she seemed so sad, yet looked so beautiful.

"Hey guys come here" I called.

"yeah what's up?" CC said as the other walked over.

"I just saw the saddest girl walk away from us, maybe we should go see if she is ok" I said, starting to walk over to the tree line.

"Okay?" Jake trailed off, not sure why Andy was wanting to check this so badly.

We all walked over to the tree line, and peered through. No sign. I walked deeper in, onto an old dirt path. Looking both ways, I saw no one.

"Damn, she must be gone" I said turning to the group.

Something fell from the tree to our left. I went over and saw it was a pen.

"or maybe she's up, not to the side!" CC called, looking up.


As I looked up at the girl, I saw the saddest eyes in the world. She was beautiful, gorgeous infact. Her bangs framed her head perfectly, the black eyeliner on her face completing to look. She may have been a larger girl, but she beautiful none the less.

She shyly looked down, putting her notepad in her hanging bag.

"Hi" she mumbled, looking away.

"Hey, what's going on?" Andy asked her, motioning for her to come down, yet she stayed up high.

I climbed up the tree a bit, reaching her level.

"Hey, I'm CC" I said, smiling.

She smiled shyly "I know who you are"

I smiled larger "So, why does a beautiful girl like you look so sad?" I asked.

Her smile faded "Just in a bad mood" She spoke quietly, shifting her position.

I felt really bad for this girl. I didn't even know her name, but I already knew I liked her. Alot.

Jinxx luckily stepped in before it got awkward with silence.

"So, why don't you come down here and tell us about yourself?" he asked calmly.

I climbed back down, her following suit. "I'm Emma" she mumbled out.

Emma's POV

"I'm Emma" I spoke my name in my usual tone. Mumbled, and hard to hear.

"Well Emma, how about a trip to Starbucks and a chat?" Andy asked, smiling at me.

"yeah I can beat your ass at the coffee challenge!" Jake said, looking at CC.

The word "challenge" spoke out to me. I often do silly challenges myself, posting youtube videos on them.

"Oh hells yes I'm going to beat your ass!" CC yelled jumping down the path. Jake ran after him, with Jinxx running behind. "Come get me motherfuckers!" he yelled still running.

It was just Andy, Ashley and I left. We started following them, making small talk.

"So Emma, you listen to our music?" Ashley asked calmly.

"Yeah. It really, uh, helps me get through the day" I mumbled again.

Andy looked over at me with a frown "Why do you mumble all the time?" I could tell he was saying it jokingly, and not trying to pry me open with questions. I made a small smile, probably not even noticed.

"I don't really open myself up till I really trust people. Just, the way I roll I guess" I said, making a motion at roll.

Ashley then peered around Andy, looking at me "Well you can trust us one hundred percent!" He said, smiling wide. I swear he winked at me.

I smiled back, hoping that I wouldn't get weird like I usually do. "I'll try. Your off to a great start so far"

With that, we kept walking down the path, hearing cheers from the guys all the way there.


Please update soon, its such a great story even though its only one chapter :)