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Happily Ever After

Work Work Work Work

The Next Day
Carter's POV 5:00 a.m. Monday Morning

Andy and I are on a beach in Brazil. Finally a break from the craziness grasp of life. The water is amazingly beautiful. It's crystal clear. This view is breath taking. I never wanna leave. The kids are asleep in the house with the maids. The waves are crashing in and I love it.
"Hello everybody. It is 5 am on this Monday morning and if you have to get up for work, GET UPPPP!!!!"

Ugh fucking alarm. I was enjoying that dream. I have to get up and get ready for work. Before I leave I need to get Andy up to take the kids to kindergarten. Now what to wear.

Lets see I'll just go with skinny jeans and a t shirt. I'll have to stick my coveralls in the car. Interior designer yay. It is a fun job. People always recommend me to their friends. So that's a plus.

Now that I'm ready time to wake Andy. It's already 5:30.

"Andy wake up. You are taking the kids to school today. They have to be there at 7. Annemarie and Tyler's clothes are on the couch. "

"Alright I'm up. Did you make coffee?" He asked sleepingly.
I nodded my head. "Alright I got to go love you see y'all later."

Andy's POV

Now that I'm awake I need to go ahead and make breakfast. I have to get ready for work too. I own my own recording studio and I am booked today.

I grabbed my bengals jersey and some pants and slipped on my shoes and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I finally got breakfast made, the kids awake and ready, they've eaten.

Now off to work and school.




We can switch out chapters.

@Mamma's fallen Angel

When you finish a chapter can we switch out chapter like you do one I do one or do you want to just do one whenever and it doesn't matter who turn it is?