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Happily Ever After

Chapter 1

Carter's POV
We are finally done on Warped tour. Thank god. Now we can go home. I missed home. We were touring so much I forgot what home is like.
"Mommy." Annemarie said.
"What Annemarie?"
"I wanna go home." She cried.
"We are going home right now, so go get your toys and everything."
I grabbed my bag and phone and went to find Andy. "Hey. The kids are ready to go and so am I. I'm going to get Tyler and Annemarie and get on the bus." I said. "Okay. I'll get everybody else and tell them we are going home. Y'all go get on the bus." He said. I went to get Tyler and Annemarie. They were both sitting backstage. "Come on kids lets go get on the bus." I said.

We went and got on the bus. Andy and everybody else shortly came afterwards. We were finally going home.


Hi guys. So this is part two. Hope y'all like it. Short chapter so nothing is given away. Also I don't want a lot put into the first chapter.



We can switch out chapters.

@Mamma's fallen Angel

When you finish a chapter can we switch out chapter like you do one I do one or do you want to just do one whenever and it doesn't matter who turn it is?