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A Saviour Will Be There

Chapter 3

~Andy's POV~
I held her tightly. I kissed her head. "Hey, can I tell you something?" Jake almost knocked out those little shits. I smiled as I looked into her eyes. "Hey, you have the same eye colour as me", I said . Her head shot up. "I know Andy and thanks for being here to comfort me", she smiled. I saw a mic stand. "Hey do you sing?" I said as I pointed to the mic and the mic stand. "Yeah I do sing. Don't you hear me when I'm in the shower in the morning?" She asked as she jabbed me in the rib . "Can I hear you sing?" I said with a smile. "Fine I guess." She said.

~Jake's POV~
Andy and Sammy have been up stairs for a while, I went to see what was going on. I saw Sammy singing for Andy that's okay. WAIT. I heard something. She was singing The Mortician's
Daughter. She sang it perfectly. After she was done, I walked in her room."Nice voice little sis." I said. I saw her blush. "So you listen to BVB?" Andy asked. Sammy nodded. "So, what is your favorite song?" Ashley asked. He scared the living shit out of me.

~Sammy's POV~
"Umm.. let me think enough, Done for You or Beautiful Remains. NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!" I yelled at Jake and Ashley. Andy chuckled. I need to tell him that I had a crush on him. "Andy, can I tell you something?" I said a bit nervous. "Sure. What is it?", he said as his eyes made contact with mine. "U...um Well I..I have a crush on you." i said terrified. I didn't expect what happened next. Andy's lips were on mine, they were so soft I melted. He pulled away. That was my first kiss.


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