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The Great Escape

Defying Gravity

Monday morning and Gwen was running to school, only pausing for a moment in order to sneeze a couple of times before hurrying on.
She managed to slip into class more or less unnoticed by the teacher, who was currently occupied with swearing at the malfunctioning beamer.
“Thank fuck”, Jenna hissed as Gwen sat down beside her, “I though you where gonna ditch me there for a moment!”
“Sorry, overslept…” Gwen replied, grinning sheepishly. “No surprises there.” Jenna shot her an exasperated look, “what where you doing again last night? I sent you a text.”
“Nothing in particular” Gwen evaded the question only to be saved by the teacher who asked “Miss Fields and Miss Thompson whether they would be so kind as to discuss their (meaning Jenna’s) weekend one night stands at another time”, effectively shutting “Miss Thompson” up.

Not that it stopped Jenna from resuming the topic once they had been dismissed: “Have you checked your mobile then, Gwen? Hey, that rhymed!”
“No, not yet” Gwen replied smiling at her friends silliness, “I ran out of battery again.”
“Seriously, you’d be the easiest person ever to kidnap…” Jenna grinned, rolling her eyes. Gwen put on a pensive face as if genuinely considering being kidnapped. “That would mean I didn’t have to go to school, right?” she concluded feigning delight.
“Stupid head!” Jenna pounced on Gwen violently ruffling her hair, “You’d just abandon me here?!”
“Noooooooooooo!” Gwen howled, ducking out of reach with a despairing “Fuck off!” as Jenna tried to attack her again. “Okay, okay.” Jenna said raising her hands in a reassuring way, but with a mischievous smirk on her face. “My work here is done anyway. Your hair is doing an Elphaba and stubbornly defying gravity.”
“And all because poor me was nearly kidnapped…” Gwen mumbled as she tried (and failed) to tame her hair. “What was the text about anyway – any one night stands I need to know about?”
“Oh shut up Gwen, you know I’m done with that.”
“Yeah, you said that the last time too. And the time before. And now that I think about it, what about the ti-“
“Touché…” Jenna pulled out her breakfast and started eating an apple in a sulking manner.
“But as the text was not about another Mr This-was-the-last-time…” Gwen prodded.
“Oh right!” Jenna remembered, snapping out of her sulk instantly and nearly choking on a piece of apple.

“We’ve got a new guy.”


So, there you go. The first real chapter - I hope you liked it.
I'm not quite sure what to call it yet, the title is probably only temporary.
This is it from me for tonight. Thanks for reading and I'd love to know what you think of it.

~ Lucifer



Thank you ^^ That's lovely to hear!

Lucifer Lucifer

Thanks for the feedback - I fixed it ;)

I do plan on continuing. I'm currently writing the next chapter and hope to upload it soon and hopefully more frequently in the future. I'm glad you like it so far.

Lucifer Lucifer

Hi so like idk if youre still writing on here but please update if you are! I like it so far. ^-^
The only spelling mistake i saw was "rimed" where i think you meant "rhymed". xx

Loving this so far!