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The Great Escape

Author's Note

Hi to everyone who’s got to here – I guess that means you didn’t find the Prologue terribly appalling. So far so good, I hope you enjoy what else is to come. There are some general things I want to explain about this story:

First of all, the school system. I personally live in Germany and go to a “Gymnasium” which is I guess a kind of high school. The system here is quite different in comparison to the US of A, so if some things seem a little off in that respect – you know why. (If you are interested in how the German school system works feel free to leave a comment and I can explain it in a future Author’s Note.) What I will be going with in the story will be like the American system in a lot of ways though, so I hope you won’t be confused. Apart from people from elsewhere in the world of course, who are free to feel confused anyway! :P

Secondly, updates. I will be honest with you right from the beginning: I am awful with updates. I will have a phase where I’ll become really inspired and want to write, and there will be a phase where I am incapable of producing anything presentable or simply can’t be bothered. Deal with it. None the less I hope you’ll keep on reading and subscribe to the story to be informed when I have managed to upload a new chapter.

Third, this is my first “published” story. If you have any constructive critique – gimme. Who has questions is free to ask, who finds spelling mistakes is free to keep them.

Lastly, go and read the story. Enjoy!!!

Love, Lucifer <3




Thank you ^^ That's lovely to hear!

Lucifer Lucifer

Thanks for the feedback - I fixed it ;)

I do plan on continuing. I'm currently writing the next chapter and hope to upload it soon and hopefully more frequently in the future. I'm glad you like it so far.

Lucifer Lucifer

Hi so like idk if youre still writing on here but please update if you are! I like it so far. ^-^
The only spelling mistake i saw was "rimed" where i think you meant "rhymed". xx

Loving this so far!