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Goodbye Agony

Andy's Thoughts

I can't believe Juliet would do this to me again. She promised she wasn't going to. I guess promises aren't meant to be kept. And if they are meant to be kept, then it's only from someone who truly loves you. Nobody truly loves me. The guys, yeah, they love me like family. But, I need like a girl in my life to make me feel loved. I've been hurt and been down to the bottom of every bottle. But no liquor could ever answer the question, 'Why do girls have to be players and can't make up their minds?' I mean honestly. Is there one girl who truly cares about me and loves me for me? I don't know. Jade seems like a nice girl. I think she's been through what I've been through. Sophie seems like the type for Jake. Or Ashley. I don't know. I don't need to be thinking about this right now. I need to focus on my music. If a girl comes along the way, then hey so be it. I think me and Jade might become good friends. She seems very caring. I'd like to get to know her more.
~Andy's thinking is interrupted by Jade.~
How are you feeling?" She asked. She sat down beside me and I looked at her. "Well I've had better days. But no girl has ever made me feel even more shittier than Juliet. She played me like an Xbox."Jade laughed and said, "When a bitch or guy plays you like an Xbox, you say 'Play me like an Xbox 360 and imma show you how the games played. Treat me like a king and I'll treat you like a queen'." She did have a point there. "I like talking to you. I feel like I can be myself around you. I don't have to act like Juliet wanted me to. You see me as the person I am and I'm grateful for that. You, Jade White, are a true friend." She started blushing hard. "Well uh thanks. You're a true friend to." Damnit. I started to blush. I can't believe she made me blush. We sat there in silence for a while and looked up at the starts. Eventually we both laid down and fell asleep. "Andy." Somebody started shaking me. I grunted. "Andy." I sat up and said, "What do you want? Can't you let a man sleep for once." It was Jinxx. "Sorry. I thought you wanted to know that you and Jade fell asleep on the roof. Do y'all want to come in where it's warm instead of freezing?" I nodded and said, "Let me wake her up and we'll be in." He nodded and went back into the bus. I tried to wake up Jade, but she wouldn't wake up. I picked her up and carried her back in the bus. I carried her to my room and changed her into one of my t-shirts and laid her on the bed. I changed clothes and laid in bed. I pulled the covers over us and I fell asleep.


Well. What do you guys think is gonna happen next??? Hehe maybe there'll be a cliff hanger next chapter. Maybe there won't be. Just wait and see. Heheh.


Can't wait to read what happens next! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

You sure are determined, good on you! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Good chapter :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

I'm super happy you like it. Check out my other stories as well. I'm gonna update tonight on this one

Good book, I'm glad you updated, otherwise i wouldn't have found it. Really good story so far, and excited to see what happens next!

Mezzy18 Mezzy18