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Goodbye Agony

Interrogation Part 1

Andy's POV
Ma and Jade woke up to the sound of someone banging on the bus door. "Who the hell could that be at this ungodly hour?" She asked. "Babe, calm down its only ten a.m.. I'll get up and see who it is." I said. I got up and put some clothes on. "Hang on a second! I'm coming." I yelled. I opened the door and saw two detectives standing there. Great.

"Are you Andrew Biersack?" one of them asked. "Yes I am. Can I help you detectives?" I said. "We're here to talk about your friend and bandmate, Jake Pitts. Can we come in?" the other one asked. I nodded. "I am detective Stone and this is my partner detective Marks. It is our understanding there is more people on this bus." he said. "I can go wake them up." I answered. "Yes if you will." Detective Marks said.

I went to to go wake everyone up. A few minutes later everyone came in the living room area and sat in the couches. "This is detective Stone and detective Marks. They're here to talk about Jake." I said. "Which one of you is Sophie cooper?" Detective Stone asked. "None of us is. She left yesterday after we kicked her out." Jade said. "And why did y'all kick her out?" The other one asked. "Cause she was starting fights with my sister, so we told her to get her things and leave." Jade answered.

"So, did she leave with Jake or what?" Stone asked. "Um she left. I'm assuming she sent Jake a message and told him to come over." Ashley said. "Well if y'all see Sophie or have any thing else to tell us, call us." Marks said. They got up and walked off the bus after they handed me their card.



Can't wait to read what happens next! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

You sure are determined, good on you! :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

Good chapter :)

Mezzy18 Mezzy18

I'm super happy you like it. Check out my other stories as well. I'm gonna update tonight on this one

Good book, I'm glad you updated, otherwise i wouldn't have found it. Really good story so far, and excited to see what happens next!

Mezzy18 Mezzy18