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Drag Me to the Grave

CH 8

When Spencer woke up, he looked next to him and saw Beth laying there next to him, still bare skinned. He plopped a hand on his face and groaned silently. "I can't keep waking up like this." He mumbled to himself.

He looked over and reached for his phone. The brightness of the screen blinded him for a few moments. He squinted as he searched for Emily's number in his recent calls.

It rang a couple times before she finally answered. "Hello?" Her voice sounded groggy, as though she had just woken up.

"Did I wake you up?" He half whispered.

"No," Emily replied. "I've been awake for a while. I don't think I slept at all last night."

Spencer stared up at the ceiling, imagining what kinds of things Emily must be going through living with Marcus. "Are you okay?"

"N-No." Emily stuttered. "He hit me again last night. Broke the bracelet he bought me from the last time he hit me. I'm scared to sleep. I can't live like this anymore, Spence. I need your help."

"Em, if I'm going to help you, we need to tell Beth and her dad." Spencer said.

"Spencer, you can't tell Beth's dad." Emily said.

Spencer sighed. "Just... Come over to Beth's house. I'm already here. We'll figure out how to fix this, I promise."

"He's going to wonder where I'm going and why. He's starting to get paranoid. He questions my every move." Emily explained. "Also, why are you at Beth's?"

Spencer looked at her, still sleeping. "Because... I think I've made a huge mistake..."


With the way tour had ended, Heidi didn't expect to hear much from the rest of the band, but they hadn't even told her about any practices, recording sessions, or any new tour offers. She was starting to think that they had completely forgotten about her. Part of her didn't care all that much, but part of her still wanted to rebuild the friendship that she and Beth used to have.

She'd spent her nights going to bars and making men fall in love with her one by one. She used her body as bait and her words as weapons. She knew how to kill with words, and she'd practically destroyed the band last summer on Warped Tour when she used her manipulative imagination to turn everyone against each other. This time around, she found something that could potentially kill her.

"You seem like a cool chick, Heidi." A guy, Sam, she met at a bar said to her. "There's a party going on at one of my friend's places. You interested in keeping this party going?"

"Sure." She formed the word around her perfectly pursed red lips.

He smiled slyly and took her by the hand, leading her out of the bar and into his sleek black Nissan that waited outside the bar on the side of the street.

"You smoke?" He asked as he pulled out onto the street and his engine roared as they sped past the bustling nightlife.

She smirked. "Every day since I turned eighteen. A bad habit I suppose, but I'm full of those."

"Word." He said. "You'll get along fine with the group."

When they arrived in front of the house, it looked quiet. It certainly wasn't your stereotypical high school party. These people knew how to keep things hush while also having a good time.

Sam got out of the car and came around to the passengers side, opening the door for Heidi and escorting her out onto the lawn. He linked his fingers with hers and they walked up to the front door together.

He opened the door and let her go in first, smacking her ass as she walked past. She flipped her black hair around to look at him and he just smirked at her as if he had decided for her that his actions were appropriate. She played along. She didn't want to ruin this.

"Can I get you a beer?" He asked as soon as they had stepped over the threshold into the living room. People were scattered about, talking among themselves over the pounding music.

"Got anything stronger than that?" She smirked at him, batting her long, black eyelashes.

He waved her along, indicating to follow him. She obeyed, following him into the kitchen where the booze was scattered about on the kitchen counters.

"Tequila?" He asked, holding up the bottle to show her.

"Perfect." She stated.

He poured both of them a drink and they wandered back out to the living room where the rest of the party was.

"Sam!" Someone shouted and another guy came bounding down the hallway, nearly knocking him and Heidi over.

"Dude, what's up?!" Sam gave his friend a quick half hug. "Oh, Chris, this is Heidi. Heidi, this is Chris." Sam introduced them.

"Bro, she's smokin'. How'd you land that one?" Chris gawked.

"Speaking of smokin..." Sam trailed off, hinting at Chris.

"Say no more, dude. I got the hook-up." Chris said, pulling a bag of weed and a glass bowl out of his back pocket.

Chris packed the bowl and took a hit. He handed the bowl to Sam who also took a hit, then passed it to Heidi.

"Oh..." She said. "Um, no thanks."

Sam furrowed his eyebrows. "I thought you said you smoked." He accused.

"I do." Heidi defended. "But I meant cigs, not this."

"This shit is way better for you." Chris vouched. "Just try it. It's basically the same as smoking a cig."

"Could you help me?" She looked at Sam with an innocent look in her eyes. "I've never smoked out of a bowl before."

"Sure, babe." Sam said, taking the lighter from her and showing her the way to do it. "Hold your thumb over this hole. I'll light and you start sucking in, after a couple seconds, release your thumb and keep sucking in smoke just like you would with a cig. Since you already smoke, you'll probably be able to get a high."

After smoking with Sam, she started to feel different. Her arms and legs tingled, and she began to laugh at everything.

"You think you're high?" Sam asked, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her into his side.

Heidi nodded, and her head felt woosy. "I think this may be better than alcohol." She admitted.

Sam chuckled. "Wanna try something else?" He took her hand and led her to where the couches were. She stared down at the coffee table and saw four perfectly straight powdered white lines set up on the table. Sam handed her a rolled up dollar bill and pulled out his own. "Get on your knees." He said.

She did what he asked, getting on her knees and staring down at the cocaine spread out on the table. He knelt down next to her. Heidi was used to being the one who had all the power. No she was staring at her biggest competition.


I've been meaning to write this for a while and I just never felt like it until now. I got up for work around 4 this morning and it was down pouring and I decided it was a good day to write. I know you guys have probably been wondering what Heidi's been up to since the end of Warped and now you know. I'm also going to be getting back into Emily's backstory as well as what's going to happen with Spencer and Beth and the tour that Andy wants Maiden Voyage on as well. I didn't forget about the BVB boys, don't worry! I always want my stories to be different than everyone else's on here and I feel like the story line is very different than anyone else's.

Thanks to anathema for commenting on the last chapter!


aw, Spence! poor sucker! monogamy is such a pain!

anathema anathema

yeah, Spencer and Beth aren't really dating officially since he knows her heart isn't all in it and he doesn't want to get hurt any more than he already is. And, well, Heidi isn't the smartest of the bunch haha

the gange and blow- talk about the weirdest combo in the world, what a terrible idea to introduce a total drug noob to both at the same time! Heidi's friend is the exact opposite of a smooth operator!

why can't Spencer and Beth wake up nakie? have they not been dating? is he just on to the fact that she has feelings for Andy?

anathema anathema

good for Spencer for not killing the bug! but that's pretty pathetic that Beth is a total pansy about bugs. even i overcame a major phobia of certain bugs to deal with them myself. it says something about her- good for her dad for not falling for it. it's a shame about Marcus. he needs prison time to shape up.

anathema anathema

i love this update soon