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You and Me

Prologue: Once upon a tour bus in Tampa...

Prologue: *late 2011-Ashley's POV* It was our last night in Tampa at this music festival we were invited to play at. As we finished our set for the night with "Fallen Angels", I became distracted when a fan started to look at me seductively. Assuming she was probably drunk, I just brushed it off and continued to play. But, I would be in for the night that changed my life when she followed me outside to the tour bus after the show. Later around that time, I had waded through the crowd to the bus. My head pounding like CC on his drumkit the whole way since I had shared a bottle of vodka with the guys after the show. When suddenly, I felt someone grab my arms and kiss me. Being too drunk to notice, I just went along with it then, said something I don't remember saying. "Want to see the tour bus?" I asked "Hell yeah!" she replied Soon, I picked this girl up bridal style and walked into the bus. There was no one around at the moment, I tried to talk to her as I did other fans in the BVB army since my reasonable side was now showing. But, when I left the room to take off my war paint and returned, I found this girl on the couch wearing nothing but her panties. I was so tempted now but, I was so hoping that she was legal because she looked so young. "How old are you?" I asked "I don't want to get in trouble." "I'm 21." the young fan said as she giggled I breathed a sigh of relief. "Good." I said "Now can we have sex?" the young fan asked "If you want baby." I replied as I began to touch her inner thigh and winked "Let's go!" the young fan said as she got up then, pullled me toward the bunks Later as the fan and I got intimate with each other, I was thrusting into her as she was giggling. "Moan for me baby!" I exclaimed Soon, her giggles turned into moans. Then, as I was about to climax, the curtain to my bunk was ripped back. "Dude! Can you give us a little privacy?!" I shouted at Andy who stood over us "I'm just getting warmed up!" Soon, the young woman giggled. "I'm afraid you already are, Ashes." she said "WHAT?!" I screamed, embarrassed then turned to Andy "Get out of here Andy! And don't tell anyone what you saw!" Andy slowly backed away from my bunk then, walked away. Then, I looked back at the young fan in shame. "I'm so sorry!" I said "It's okay, Ashes. I still think you're hot." the young fan said as she kissed me As early morning drew near, the fan left the tour bus at the next stop in Pensacola. So I was left wondering what could possibly happen from this? After all, I didn't have a condom. And who knows if she was on the pill? As we got ready for the next show, I was a nervous wreck. "What's wrong, Ash?" Andy asked as he put on his war paint "I don't know. I think I got that girl pregnant." I said "You don't know that yet." Andy said "But, what if it does happen?" I asked "So. You either have one of two options...fight for custody or pay child support." Andy said I sighed in frustration as I finished my own war paint then, picked up my bass. "Where are you going?" Andy asked "I don't want to think about it right now." I said During the show, I saw her again with a friend. She was whispering and pointing in my direction. As I watched this, I got really pissed and threw my bass down so hard that it smashed in half then, ran off stage. Andy assumed that I ran off because of a hater so he stopped the show to call out the person he thought was ruining the show. Later after the concert, Andy caught up with me and asked "Why did you run off like that?" "I saw her again." I said "Wow. That's creepy dude." Andy said "I know." I said as I boarded the bus Soon, Jake walked up to us and said "Hey Ash, some girl wanted me to give this to you." I took the piece of paper from Jake and read it. "It's a bio." Andy said a little creeped out I was even more nervous than before. "Oh my God." I said "What's wrong?" Jake asked "She's 18." I said "Isn't that legal?" Andy asked "It may be. But it's a taboo if she's still in high school." I said as I showed Andy the piece of paper "Oh my God!" Jake said with wide eyes "Holy sh*t!" Andy said in shock One month later, we were in Andy's hometown of Cinncinati when I got a call from this weird phone number. "Hello?" I greeted "Ashley Purdy?" the voice asked "Who is this?" I asked "You don't remember me?! I'm Dani! You and I had sex on your tour bus in Tampa!" she shouted "Oh Dani! How are you?" I asked "You got me pregnant you as*hole! Now I'm going to have to quit the basketball team and give up graduation because of what you did to me!" Dani shouted "It's not all my fault! You said you were 21!" I shouted back "What am I going to do? I don't want this baby!" Dani exclaimed "I'm not ready to be a dad either but somebody's got to step up and take responsibility for this baby." I said "Then, you take the baby!" Dani said before hanging up leaving me on the line in confusion That's when the guys came up to me in concern. "Ash, are you okay?" Andy asked I stood there frozen...looking like my world had just ended right in front of me "Ashley?" Jake asked I looked at my friends with tears forming in my eyes. "Guys, I got that girl pregnant." I said



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