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Maybe there's still hope

Tattoos and talent

I ran down the street until I got to the graveyard. tears still stung my eyes.I entered the crooked gate and went to Emma's stone. I traced her name and fell to my knees in front of it .

" I'm so sorry em,"

It was all my fault. If I hadn't asked to go out that day it wouldn't have had happened.

I cried harder

" I'm sorry" I choked out.

I leaned my back against it and stared at the sky and sobbed harder ignoring the constant phone calls I know they were worried but I had to do this.

Jakes POV
" shit.." I mumbled getting up.
" dude we have to get her" Andy said standing up

" alright we'll split up. Ash CC go check the school, Andy Jinxx check her house , ill go drive around" I said getting my keys and rushing out the door.

I got in my car and stuck the keys in . I pulled out and down the street. i needed to find her.I drove around for a while untill I pulled over and took my phone out. I dialed Ashley's number and put the phone to my ear and waited for him to answer.

" jake! Did you find her?" He sounded out of breath and scared. My hope died down

" no.. I take it you didn't either?." I said sadly

" no and she's not answering In scared man"

A sudden idea came into my head

" I think I know where she is.Ill call you if I find her"I breathed out and started the car up again . I pressed on the gas and started to drive to the graveyard I always pass going to the store.

" please..please" I whispered to myself as I pulled up. I looked at the rows of graves as saw someone leaning against one crying. Jess. I reached out and dialed Ashley.

" ash I found her"

" oh thank god" he breathed out

" she's at the graveyard call the others and go home ill go get her" I hung up the phone and stepped out of the car. I went to the grave and stood In front of her.

She was shaking and her eyes were closed.
" Jess.."

She looked up her eyes red and raw from crying. I extended my arms.

" come here" I said and she flew into my arms hugging me tight crying into my shirt.

"Don't do that again you scared me" I said

" I'm sorry I just haven't talksd or saw her grave in 2 years." She said

" it's ok we're sorry for bringing it up.. Now lets go the guys are worried sick about you" I said wrapping my arm around her shoulder and walking towards the car.

Jessica's POV.

We drove singing to the radio for the short ride back to the house. My eyes were red and hot.

We got out and walked to the house.
I walked in and into the living room . Ashley flung up and stacked me in a hug causing me to fall over.

" Jess!"

" Jesus Ashley trying to kill me?" I asked

" don't you ever do anything like that again or I will" he said I laughed

He stood me up and hugged me again. He let go and Jinxx imediatly wrapped around me.

" we were worried sick about you.." He breathed out into my kneck

He let go and Andy grabbed me picking me up squeezing me

" I should be upset with you but I can't" he said chuckling alittle.

Wow they really cared.

He let go and CC grabbed me hard and kissed my cheek. He didnt say anything just hugged me.

" I'm sorry guys.. I just had to go to her grave" I said as he let go.

" It's okay" Jinxx said

I smiled

"I'm going to change and shower I have blood all over me you should have seen the looks people gave me.." I said chuckling again.

I ran up the stairs and into my room. I got new cloths. I went to the bathroom and locked the door.

After I showed and got changed I went down the stairs.

" hey Jess?" Jinxx called from the living room

" yeah?"

" who's the contact "ass hole" on your phone and why have they called 5 times? Oh now 6."

I groaned.

" Dj was my ex best friend . He found about my problem last April and helped me out, he even saved me from dying at my suicide attempt. After him and his gf broke up he went to me as used me. He made me kiss him and if I didn't he would get upset an guilt trip me. After awhile he moved on to another girl and left me alone. Now he's trying to get me back after they broke up."

The guys eyes widened.

I took the phone and answered it.
" put it on speaker please I wana hear this" jake said and I nodded doing as he asked.

" what the hell do you want?" I snarled

" is that any way to talk to your best friend?" I could almost hear the smirk on his face.

" your not my friend real friends don't fucking leave after they got what they wanted" the guys looked at me .

" if it wasn't for me you'd be dead, which I probably should have just left you there hanging instead of saving you" my heart shattered. Jake grabbed the phone from me. With a angry face. Jinxx put his arms around me and I leaned against him.

" listen you ass hole no one talks to my little sister like that" he snarled.

" who the fuck are you? Jess doesn't have any brothers, out whoring around on me babe are you?" He asked and I teared up. Jinxx rubbed my back.

" actually she does , our dad had me with my mom before he married Jessica's mother and now she lives with me." He said calmly

" good luck, she's a ugly emo whore"

I saw Andy stand up and take the phone from jake.

" shut the fuck up right now you prick, I swear to god if you call her again I will go to your house and rip you apart" Andy said and hung up the phone.

" now I see why his contacts ass hole" Ashley said and I nodded

" yeah.. Isn't he deliteful?" I said laughing and they let out a nervous laugh. Jinxx let go of me.

I stared at the ground

"You okay Jess?" Andy asked

" yeah I'm fine" I said smiling.

" you sure..?" CC asked

" seriously don't worry about it.." I said

" ok well how about you play drums for us I haven't heard you play yet" CC said and I smiled. I knew they were doing that because they didn't want to push me.

" yeah sure"

We walked downstairs and I sat at the set. The guys followed and sat on the 2 couches watching me.I played a drum solo Johnny taught me.

When I was done they looked at me.

" your amazing" Andy said an I laughed fixing my hair.

" play any other Instruments?" Jake asked

" uh yeah I've been playing guitar for 10 years an I sing"

Jake jumped up and handed me a acoustic.

" play and sing" he said and I laughed at his hyper ness.

" umm what song?"

" what's the first song you leaneed?" Jinxx asked.

" I miss you by blink 182"

" play that."

I played the song and the guys were amazed.

" dude .. You amazing" Ashley breathed out

I laughed nervously

" uh thanks, Johnny taught me"

" we'll be did an amazing job" Andy said

" thanks " I said and smiled.

Just then my phone rang again and it was Johnny.

" speak of the devil" I said and the guys laughed. I put the guitar down and answered the phone.

" hey John , what's up?" I asked sitting next to CC on the couch.

"Hey Jess wanted to know if you wanted To go somewhere"

I turned to jake who was fumbling with the guitar.

" hey jake, is it okay if I go out with Johnny for alittle?"

" yeah I don't see why not." He said shrugging while plucking the strings again.

" yeah I'd love to Johnny " I said back to the phone

" ok , where's the guys house I just left my house ill come pick you up."

I told him and he said he'd be 5 minutes.

" he's picking me up in 5 minutes" I said going upstairs they followed. I grabbed my wallet from the living room table and went to the kitchen where the guys were standing.

" how long you've known him for?" Andy asked taking a sip of beer.

" my whole life we grew up together he's a month younger than me but he's a senior and I'm a junior because I got held back"

" wow that's good atleast u have him" Jinxx said

I heard bass of a car and the horn starting to honk repediatly

" he's here" I said chuckling and hugging the Guys.

I walked out into johns car.

" jeez loud enough?"

" no" he said turning it louder.

We pulled out and started driving.

" so where we going?"

" the mall, I wana get you somethig before you leave" he said and I smiled

We pulled in the mall and he started to walk to the tattoo parlor. Why here?

" Johnny?"

" I know how much u want one , so I figured I'd get you one" I smiled ad followed him.

There was one guy in there at a desk. He was about 29 and had a bunch of tattoos.

" hey guys how are you today what can I Do for you?" He asked and Johnny shook his hand.

" my friend is getting her first tattoo"

The guy smiled

" ah very nice have anything in mind?"

" uh a few. Can I sit and decide?"

He pointed to chairs .

" yeah him ill be here."

I sat down with Johnny

" how about you get the bvb symbol on your shoulder and then Something else."

"I know exactly what to get" I said and I stood up.

I went to the guy and he led me to the back room.

I sat down in the chair on my stomach first as he did the bvb symbol on my right shoulder blade. John sat next to me and talked to me. After awhile my back went numb and after an hour he was done. He took a picture and showed it to me.

It was amazing.

After 15 minutes he started started my other. This time I was sat up as he did my right left. I was getting the quote " I hope you smile when you look down on me" in script on my wrist with Emma's Initials under it.

After it was finished I couldn't help but smile. Johnny went to the front with Paul to pay and I followed.

" you do piercings also correct?" Johnny asked and Paul nodded

" ok great because she's going to get her lip pierced also."

I was shocked.

I got a ring on the right side of my lip and I loved it. My parents wouldn't let me get tatoos or piecing and would flip but I didn't care.

We went to outback for dinner then headed home. We pulled in the driveway at 7 and I hugged Johnny.

" thank you much your amazing" I said and he smiled and kissed my cheek

" anything for you" he said and I got out excited to show the guys.

I walked in and heard loud voices from the living room . I walked in.

" hey guys" I said jumping chair near the wall

" hey" They all shouted not paying attention.

" have fun with Johnny?" Jinx asked looking at me then turning back to the tv. He paused then looked back.

" is that a lip ring?" He asked standing up.

The others starred and got up also.

" yeah it was one of the presents Johnny got for me" I said

" it looks amazing" Andy said

" yeah it does looks cool" Jinxx said and the rest muttered agreements

" what else did he get you?" Ashley asked

I smiled and rolled up my sleeve to show the tattoo.

They smiled

" that's so cool" jake said

" yeah I've been wanting this tattoo for awhile I got another one too" I said

" show us" Andy said

" I'd have to take my shirt off so ill go change into something I can show you it in"

" aww no you don't" Ashley said winking and I smacked his arm.

I went upstairs and put on a tank top and a tshirt over and went back downstairs.

I went to the guys took my shirt off . Ashley wolf hollowed and I shook my head and turned around.I felt a finger brush over it.

" that's amazing " they murmured

" but why did you get it?" Jake asked as I put the shirt back on and sat down.

" we'll .. Before I knew you guys you saved my uh life and now your saving it again so.."

They wraped their arms around me.

" we understand"

I smiled and cuddled into them watching tv. I loved my new family


Thank you all for reading


I'm glad!:)

I know I have read them they are truly amazing continue writing them they make me smile!!

LindseyBVBarmy LindseyBVBarmy

There's a sequal..... And I have like 4 other stories :)

amazing story I loved it you should make more!!

LindseyBVBarmy LindseyBVBarmy
I loved it! On to the sequal!!
BVBArmie BVBArmie