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Happy Birthday CC!

Trucker CC

CC popped three caffeine pills into his mouth and chased them with the last of a bottle of Dr. Pepper. He tossed it out the window, feeling slightly less tired already but with miles to go on this trip. Luckily he was paid by the hour, not the load.

The custom Mac truck was CC’s pride and joy and he’d been a long haul driver for ten years now but it was time to settle down. At least that’s what his old lady told him.

He’d heard a song on the country radio station singing something about 18 wheels and a dozen roses so many times that the idea of getting married might’ve crept into his head.

He’d taken his old lady to the mall one time and looked at rings with her. She laughed, they’d been together for years and felt like they’d known each other forever but he’d mistaken her laughter for her not liking the ring he’d picked out. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want a black tear drop shaped diamond ring surrounded by blood red rubies?



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