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Happy Birthday CC!


CC has been flipping burgers since he was 15.

He’s worked part time at a movie theater and has always seen the newest movies before any of his friends, he was kind of a hero that way. If he didn’t like you, he’d spoil your favorite movie without announcing –spoiler alert-. You might think that’s a pretty cold thing to do to somebody, but if you’d been the grey tabby that followed CC through the streets of (Your City) at night, you’d know that CC was also a vigilante merc for hire.

Today he had a picture and a location of some girl that had broken (Your Ex’s Name)’s heart. They’d hired CC in exchange for a key fob granting access to a certain website’s restricted area, all he had to do was target (you) when (you) stood near the window at (Your Bestie’s Name)’s party tonight.
His vantage point was across the street and three stories up. (You) were standing by the window right on cue wearing (link to a polyvore outfit made by somebody with a sense of fashion, ie: not moi) when he wound his right arm back and stealthily launched a tennis ball through the window.

(You) jumped away from the shattered window next to you, unhurt and surprised. Nobody could be seen out the window but a tennis ball lay on the floor with your name on one side and “PROM?” written on the other.

“OH MY GAWD!” (Your Bestie) shouted, jealous.

Best. Prom. Invite. Ever.


Too bad it was from your ex doe. xD


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