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Happy Birthday CC!

CC's Circus

A tiger chuffed and paced the length of its cage impatiently.

“Ladies and gentleman, let’s hear it for the heart of the circus, Ringmaster CC!” A tall girl wearing a blue sequin leotard shouted into a microphone as hundreds of people listened anxiously.

The smell of buttery popcorn was always predominant throughout the big top at this part of the show. CC had trained himself Hercules the Sumatran tiger not to clench his jaw while CC’s head was inside of it, he’d become the world’s first elephant podiatrist, and was starting to work his way up in the little known specialty field of paleo friendly primate dietician consulting.

With a half dozen best-selling books under his belt, he needed a way to fund his newest research into Atlantean steampunk infrastructure for polar bear and penguin housing units that he intended to build using recycled teabags and coffee filters. That’s when he decided to put his drumming lessons to good use.



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