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Happy Birthday CC!


CC is the star of these story ideas where he runs the circus, pines for a long lost lover, joins a biker gang, becomes a doctor, hacks stuff, seeks revenge through art, works a few odd jobs and owns a football team in no particular order!
Disclaimer in profile.


Artsy CC

Artsy CC

He skyrocketed to rock star status in the art world overnight

Burger Slinger CC

Burger Slinger CC

Odd jobs by day, vigilante merc by night

CC's Custom Choppers

CC's Custom Choppers

Something about the roar of a modded muffler started a fire in CC's heart

Coach CC

Coach CC

CC forms a team for Pugbowl 2017

L337 CC

L337 CC

He’d become known as CC, a script kiddie in SoCal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ringmaster CC

Ringmaster CC

Currently researching Atlantean steampunk infrastructure for polar bear and penguin housing units

Sergeant Major Coma

Sergeant Major Coma

A cameo character from Jake's Badass Army


  1. CC's Custom Cali Choppers

    The road to the top is paved with Zerks and lithium

  2. Coffee Slinging Cinephile seeks Longlost Lover

    Atop the word ‘forever’, CC painted his own heart

  3. CeeseCoin

    He wanted to make fast untraceable amounts of money using his own programming language

  4. CC's Circus

    Lead researcher on sustainable penguin housing units

  5. MerCCenary

    The odd jobs are just a coverup

  6. Trucker CC

    18 Wheels and a dozen CC's

  7. Pugbowl 2017!

    Who will play the halftime show in the Superbowl for Pugs?

  8. Random

    ...and the rest of them


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