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Jake's Badass Army

Chapter 7

When Sgm Sixx walked away and the entire field focused into Sgt Pitt’s view again he swore he could see Sgt Fuentes mouth the words, ‘Holy shit’ at him. He stood in line next to Pvt Purdy, neither of them had moved and wouldn’t until Sgm Sixx was clearly out of their peripheral vision.

“I SAID ‘AT EASE’ LADIES” Sgm Sixx yelled, back still turned and walking away toward the trees Pvt Coma had perched himself in moments earlier.

Sgt Pitts took a deep breath and shook his head.

“Fucking asshole.” Pvt Purdy muttered under his breath, taking a few steps away and falling into formation on the ground next to Pvt Ferguson.

The cigarette fell from Sgt Pitts mouth. Maybe he and Smirkey had two things in common.


Cameo by Nikki Sixx, he's probably taking the heat off Pvt Coma rinnow, just saying.


I've read it now and it's really rather good but please finish it? :3

Rarmissa Rarmissa

Oh my GOD PLEASE UPDATE THIS I read the description and I'm scared to read it cause I feel like it's gonna be amazing but then cliffhanger

Rarmissa Rarmissa


That made my day, thank you ^.^

Just from reading the summary, I could tell this was going to be a good idea for a story.