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Jake's Badass Army

Chapter 2

Sgt Pitts broke formation and went ahead to the next platoon. He nodded with pride when he saw one soldier crouched flat in the grass, M16 in the bi-pod, staring down the sight and ready to shoot on command with three other soldiers in formation next to him. All three men were motionless and awaiting command. “Well done Sgt Fuentes.” He extended a hand and the other sergeant smiled.

“It’s like they’re already trained. Best group yet.” Sgt Fuentes had a huge glowing smile that lit the makeshift battlefield up no matter mood he was in. The guy loved what he did, and he'd worked hard for it. Pitts could remember the day Fuentes struggled to pack his rucksack.

“I’m missing one.” Sgt Pitts admitted through gritted teeth.

“Somebody hit one of my boys with a red paintball. Nobody knows where he is and he keeps moving around. Turtle saw him by the haystack for a second. Preciado thinks he saw the same guy setting off an Enola Gaye smoke grenade at the end of the field. Asshole’s wearing a black bandana whoever he is.”

Shit, that was probably him. He sighed and massaged the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger in defeat. “Send him my way if you see him. He’s going to need some one on one training.” Pitts said through gritted teeth but he knew he was going to have to find him.

Fuentes laughed. “Word is your entire team of misfits needs a lot of buildup. Or beat down." He laughed. "You’ve been at the starting point for half an hour.” Sgt Fuentes laughed.


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I've read it now and it's really rather good but please finish it? :3

Rarmissa Rarmissa

Oh my GOD PLEASE UPDATE THIS I read the description and I'm scared to read it cause I feel like it's gonna be amazing but then cliffhanger

Rarmissa Rarmissa


That made my day, thank you ^.^

Just from reading the summary, I could tell this was going to be a good idea for a story.