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Jake's Badass Army


Let’s turn the band into an army, literally, the Black Veil Brides Army.

I feel like Jake doesn’t get enough superstardom so we’ll make him the crazy mofo that bites the end of the cigar off with his teeth, lights it up and leads the other guys into war.

Sgt. Pitts' bulging muscles and south of the equator tan, Rambo-esque red headband and strong Brooklyn accent quickly make him the favorite character who ultimately dies a valiant but bloody death in the arms of the quiet runt of the litter, Andy.

Five years later, Andy is now the tanned, muscular and outgoing leader of the army, we’ll end the story with a verbal picture of Jake The Heroes grave donning the words, “One Final Fight”.
Disclaimer in profile.


Pvt Biersack

Pvt Biersack

Private Biersack thinks differently from the others

Pvt C. Coma

Pvt C. Coma

Private Coma might be crazier than Sgt Pitts without the training to back it up. Grenade missing a pin? No big deal, CC's got this covered

Pvt Ferguson

Pvt Ferguson

Private Ferguson is shaky, nervous, and probably going to die from one of Pvt Coma's pinless grenades.

Pvt Purdy

Pvt Purdy

Private Purdy is the observant, defiant one

Sergeant Jake Pitts

Sergeant Jake Pitts

Sgt Pitts is the type of man you'd entrust your life with (Main character)


  1. Chapter 1

    Sergeant Pitts takes pity on Pvt Ferguson in a practice drill, and where hell is his missing fourth soldier?

  2. Chapter 2

    Sgt Fuentes provides some info

  3. Chapter 3

    Sgt Pitts learns a litte bit about his men

  4. Chapter 4

    Sgt Pitts does away with The first of Private Coma's many escapades

  5. Chapter 5

    Private Purdy brings the sass

  6. Chapter 6

    Sgt Pitts and Pvt Purdy have something in common

  7. Chapter 7

    Sgm Sixx takes the heat off of Pvt Coma


I've read it now and it's really rather good but please finish it? :3

Rarmissa Rarmissa

Oh my GOD PLEASE UPDATE THIS I read the description and I'm scared to read it cause I feel like it's gonna be amazing but then cliffhanger

Rarmissa Rarmissa


That made my day, thank you ^.^

Just from reading the summary, I could tell this was going to be a good idea for a story.