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CC's Farm


Why was the voice from his dream so familiar?

He thought of every girl he’d ever known and loved, remembering their voices briefly then releasing the memories again. He was certain he’d never met her before, but her voice remained vividly in his head. What had she said to him in the dream?

“Closer.” He echoed the word to himself as he drove along the back country roads in the moonlight. His wife was a deep sleeper and he knew he had hours to spare.

He parked his old truck next to what used to be a camping area years ago. The road was overgrown beyond where he parked now, as though nature was taking back what belonged to it. The only people that ventured as far as he did into the heavily wooded, steep mountain trails were a few curious locals and aspiring documentary filmmakers.

His boot crunched into the gravelly trail a few times before he heard the voice from his dream echo throughout his head again, “Closer.” She whispered in a singsong voice.

He was closer. He’d left his bed and driven a few miles to get this much closer to the mountain. “Hello?” He called out toward the path before him.

He heard nothing in response. No small animals scurrying about. No birds in the branches, no crickets. No trains, frogs or night sky sounds. He looked back toward his house questioning his decision to explore alone at night. He could have stayed in bed, he always had before.

“Hello?” He called out again, slightly louder. He cleared his throat. “You sound familiar.” He heard himself swallowing uncertainty.

“Closer.” The voice seemed to echo through the trees amidst the path far ahead of him. Suddenly the wind picked up, leaves began to wave.

As he walked further up the path he tried to convince himself that he was still dreaming and that he was still safely asleep in bed.


Comments welcome, thanks for reading :3


Haha I like your personality if you have kik you should message me at BVBatmanGirl2

nightmare horse nightmare horse

Yep this is officially my fave story

Harlequinnie Harlequinnie

This is genius

Harlequinnie Harlequinnie

Please keep updating

This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! And the banner my god the banner! It's amazing!

eclaire eclaire