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Jake love story


~Jake's POV~
Her dad had sammi and Jaz was willing to risk her safety for her sister. What am i suppose to say "Jake you can watch." says her dad. "No you can watch me beat your ass!" and with that i hung up on him."Okay plan call the police so when he calls again they can trace the call." So i sound smart i think i hope it works, if it dosent then we are screwes.
~3 hours later~
so we are down at the station and the cops have our phone connceted so when we call him the phone call can be traced. "Okay do you know what you are gonna say?" asked mr.officer person. "yeah we are gonna arrange to meet with him." Jaz replied. So she dialed, it was an anxious 3 rings before he answered. "Jasmine, hi are you calling for sammi cause she is buisy right now." you could hear her screams in the background. Jaz had tears running down her face, and she was going to hypervealat. "NO i want to meet you so you ca let her go and have me." she had pain in her voice. "Oh isnt that sweet, you wanna save your sister." he sneered. the cops gave us the okay, they got the location. "okay wanna meet at the tree over by the park on 60th street?" "sure Jasmine." and with that the phone hung up. Then she just barried her head in my shoulder, i felt bad that she just had to do that.
~Jasmine's POV~
That was so hard to do, i have to save sammi, she saved me so now i save her. Jake was so warm, "Babe i need to go for a walk alone." i said to him. He looked worried but he would respect my space. "Be careful." he said as i walked out the police station and started walking with no real destination.
~Jake's POV~
Once Jaz had left i got a bad feeling, so i asked the adress of the traced call "Its just 5 blocks east of here." Oh god Jaz could be going any where! no i have to tell her! I need to call her.
~Phone call~
Me: Jas babe are you okay?
Jaz: Yeah why?
Me: the call traced 5 blocks from the police station, 5 blocks east.
Jaz: then i found it, im exactly 5 blocks east of the police station.
me:Leave then! NOW!
Jaz: ~phone drops and screams~
Jaz: Hey jake! if you want jaz meet me at the tree on 60th! tomarrow at 6pm sharp if not this would have been the last time you heat her alive.
oh my god! i shouldnt have let her go alone, this is my fault!
I have to save her, but how.....


Hey this is Kat and i just need to say if yall needs to hate some one send me hate mail cause its not cool to hate on Andylover like that so my email is KatBiersack2000@gmail.com send me the hate mail. But Hope you like it!


We will be updating soon i think
@Kat Bvbsavedme
thanks @perfict_love_afare
@Kat Bvbsavedme
love your other story kat

okies :) thnx 4 the notice :)
@Kat Bvbsavedme is going to update for a second time because me and KikiSkyes though it seemed right for her to do it

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