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Jake love story


“You, You did this" I said running towards my dad. Then Jake grabbed me.

“He’s not worth it Jaz.”

“I dont care” i broke loose of Jake’s grip and i went up and punch my father. And i ran back to Jake as i saw my father advance towards me.

“You lay a finger on her and I will kill you” Jake said Just as Sammi walked around the conner with Jinxx

“Dad??? What’s going on?”

“Did you know your sister was here?”

“Yeah, I told her to come!”

“Well, did you remember what I said about Jake”

“Yeah but dad-” He cut sammi off.

“Do you not rember the scars. Samantha remeber the Scars for your whole life and now there will be more.” With that Jinxx walked in front of Sammi.

“You wont touch my family or my band you hear me Mr. Doll” Jinxx said like he was about to blow. At the point i felt something well more like someone grab me and put a knife to my neck.

“Ja-Jake?” Everyone turned to see my mother with a knife to my neck and she pulled my shirt up to revel all my scars and she moved the knife to my side and cut it again and I fell to the floor. My whole world went black all. The last thing i heard was Jake. “What did you do?” and i felt someone pick me up.


Sorry its short again i have another small case of writers block sorry


We will be updating soon i think
@Kat Bvbsavedme
thanks @perfict_love_afare
@Kat Bvbsavedme
love your other story kat

okies :) thnx 4 the notice :)
@Kat Bvbsavedme is going to update for a second time because me and KikiSkyes though it seemed right for her to do it

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