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Jake love story


~Jake's POV~
I went out in the hallway to let the boys know that Jaz was okay. They looked like WTF when i told them she was having proplems remembering everything. "What the crap, i hope she didnt flip when she saw you." andy patted my back to let me know everything was going to be okay. I walked back into Jaz's room to see her waiting for me. "Hey!" Jaz looked excited to see me. I took my seat next to her bed and held her hand. "So they said you can leave when your vidal signs are very stable and when all your tested are normal." she looked bummed. "Imma be here for eeevvvvverrr." she rolled her eyes. "and i will be here with you till they let you out." I kissed her hand and rubbed her cheak.
~Jasmine's POV~
I knew what happend was caused by my father, he didnt like jake, he never did. I knew Jake would never do that, he was to lovely and awesome. "Jake what all has gone on before this?" i saw motioning to all the stuff around me. he told me about everything, about me and sammi being kidnapped about me getting stabed at the concert the night i ran away. It all made sense, my family hated that me and Jake were together they always tried to keep us apart. I shoulda known jake would never do that. Hahaha im getting giddy.

~After they leave the Hospital~

~Jakes POV~
I had wanted to give her everything i can, i want her to remember all the good memories from the past couple weeks. She was excited to be with me and the guys, and sammi was stocked that she was okay and would be joining us. I was going to cry inside if she changed her mind. She was my everything, my joy, the reason i stayed with the band, sammi told us one day she will come and everything will be fine. When we got to the house we found the most desterbing thing humanly posiable.


HAHA cliff hanger! sorry didnt know were to go with it.


We will be updating soon i think
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thanks @perfict_love_afare
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love your other story kat

okies :) thnx 4 the notice :)
@Kat Bvbsavedme is going to update for a second time because me and KikiSkyes though it seemed right for her to do it

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