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Jake love story

~12~ Waking up

~Jake's POV~
I was just sitting there waiting for my sweet angel to wake up, it has been nearly 4 days. They say she has 3 days left to wake up or they will take her off life support. I would die if i lost her, she ment so much to me. "Mr.Pitts, a word please." said a doctor, i was about to shit my pants, what if he told me that she was never gonna wake up that she was gonna be ended today. I am braceing myself for the worst as i leave the room taking one last look at the angel on the bed, my fallen angel. "Mr. Pitts there is a chance she may not remeber anybody." my heart fell to my ass i could feel my mind litterally explode. "Now mr.pitts if she doesnt then you and your friends will have to help her." he continued. I just stared at him and felt the tears slowly fall down my cheecks, the hot presure was building up. "Okay i understand." i waled back to her room, when i got there i saw her. I saw her beautiful eye lashes beat against the air, and her beautifule eyes shineing. "Jasmine! Thank god you are okay!" i yelled and ran to her side grabing her and holding her close. "Jake? what are you doing here?" she asked calmly. What does she mean, she should remember. I just took my phone out and texted the guys to let then know she had woken up.
~Jasmine's POV~
I had woken up in a hospital, Jake had ran in and hugged me. Why was he here, how did i get here. "Jake what are you doing here?" i asked, me and hin havent seen eachother for years, since we brike up i did everything to no have to see him. Was sammi here, then i saw all of Black Veil Brides walk in "Oh my fucking god its BVB!" i yelled they all looked confussed. "Jaz you know us. dont you remember." andy had asked me, then i saw Sammi. "Oh my god Sammi what am i doing here. I dont know what happend." i asked her. "Jasmine you and Jake our together agian and Dad is the reson we are here." i was shocked. what am i suppose to think, Jake the person who broke my heart and i are together again and my dad put me in the hospital. I need time to think, i need answeres i need to know what happend.


sorry it is short its kat btw


We will be updating soon i think
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love your other story kat

okies :) thnx 4 the notice :)
@Kat Bvbsavedme is going to update for a second time because me and KikiSkyes though it seemed right for her to do it

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