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You're Everywhere to Me

Tell me why you're here and who you are

"You know I should be the one you're asleep next to right now." The man was furious with Roxanne. He took slow steps toward her and with each step, he heart beat faster.

"I know. I-I'm sorry. It's just that you're not--"

"I'm not what?" He shouted at her. He was clearly very angry and Roxanne cowered at his harsh volume.

"You're not real!" She shouted back at him, tears slowly escaping the corners of her eyes and leaving a black trail down her cheeks.

He rushed towards her and grabbed her by both shoulders. "But I am, Roxanne. You just need to look for me."

He was good at getting Roxanne to believe him. He was good at manipulating her mind and getting her to think that everything he said was true.

"If you stay with him, I'll disappear forever. I'll never come back, even after you leave him. You can't give up on us."

"Wait." Roxanne couldn't keep going on with this until she knew something. "Tell me why you're here and who you are."

The man sighed. "My name is Andy. And I'm here to make you feel like you're not alone. I'm here to make you feel special. I'm here because I love you."

Roxanne nodded. She loved him too but there was still a small seed of doubt planted in the back of her mind that was telling her that this was all a dream and was meant to stay a dream. How could someone in her dream that she's never actually met before be real?

"Now, wake up. Leave him. Go back to you're apartment and don't associate with him again. I'm the only one you need and you're the only one I have. Think of how much we've already been through together. You can't just throw all that away, Roxanne."

She loved when he said her name like that. It wasn't the same when CC said it, granted they did just meet 12 hours ago.

"Wake up, wake up..."

"Roxanne? Hey, Roxanne, wake up. Are you alright? You're crying." CC was looking down at her with his warm chocolate eyes and his crooked smile that looked almost worried. "Bad dream?" He asked as she opened her eyes. He wiped away her tears with his thumb and got off her so she could sit up.

"Yeah, bad dream..." She lied.

"Well, do you want me to take you home? We can always meet up tomorrow or something. You seem a little frazzled right now." CC was rubbing circles on her back and making sure she was alright.

How could she let this guy slip away from her? He was perfect. And he was real. Roxanne knew that she couldn't let Andy get into her mind anymore. She couldn't let him rearrange and manipulate her thoughts. CC was a sweet guy and he seemed to care about her. She couldn't just cut him off that quickly.

"No, I'm okay." She snuggled into his side and he wrapped his arms around her small frame. This is what a relationship was meant to feel like. Not some dream sex with a hot guy who's name she just found out after years of having this same dream over and over again.


I know this is really different than the stuff I've already written before and most fan fiction out there but I'm so glad you guys have given it a chance.

Shout outs:


Thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback already! Keep it up and again, thank you so much!



I'm sorry that I've missed a few updates. It's going so well! I really want to know why he doesn't know her and why he's not keen on her.
Jigsawalice Jigsawalice
Ahaha that's what happens when you can't actually write for yourself the scum bag brain comes up with wicked awesome ideas
Kvengeance Kvengeance
Still love this story
BVBgirl355 BVBgirl355
Loved the update. Thanks for the shout out