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Family Is Forever

The Past Is Catching Up

Sam’s Pov
I saw Ashley walk out of Jade’s room and I stood behind him with an eyebrow raised. “Whatcha doing there cowboy?”
He turned around startled. “I was just talking to her.”
“I heard up ’til she finished her story. She’s been through a lot. She had to run the gang by herself. It became the death of her. Thank god Kota and I were there for her to help.”
Jade came out and bumped fists with me before Ashley spoke up.
“Let’s meet the others and walk around. Maybe we’ll do some shopping.” I nod and we send all them a text to meet us at the lobby and we start walking down there.
As we arrive in the fairly crowded lobby I start looking around for Dakota. I glance over someone and look back at them thinking it was my-it was. My b*tch of a brother. I hated his guts and wherever Dally was Kyle-Dakota! No!
I walk up to Dally and grab his collar dragging him outside. “Where is she?”
He looked stunned but only for a second. “Which b*tch are you talking about?”
“Dakota.” I hissed out.
He only smirked. “Who do you think is with her?” I slapped him.

“Kyle, because wherever you are that b**ta-“
“He’s changed Sam. I told you he had a girlfriend not a single bruise or scratch on her. After you decided to be weak and run away he realized what he di-“
“Your wrong. If I do give him a chance he’ll go back to the way he was. An abusive c*nt! He raped me Dallas. Don’t you get it. He took the only good thing I had. He will never change. Now where are they?”
“You better go check on your friend Dakota. She should be screaming by now or crying.” I punched him with all my strength and ran inside up the stairs and to Dakota’s room.
The crying. I could hear her crying and His voice. “No one’s gonna find you darling. Your mine for right now.”
I opened the floor an there was Dakota on the bed. Kyle was putting on her tank top.
He was dead!
Dakota’s Pov
“…I’m just another victim of the bad girls club.” I shut off the song and pulled my long blue and green hair in a side french braid. I grabbed my red leopard print skinny jeans and MIW long sleeve shirt with a black spaghetti strap tank top underneath. I did my usual makeup. Mascara, smokey grey eye shadow, and redid my black painted nails.
As soon as I was done with my nails I heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was one of the boys, Sam or Jade, I told them to come in. The door opened and I was not expecting who came in. Kyle walked in and grabbed my wrist. He dragged me over to the wall and pinned me.
“Let go of me.” struggled against him.
Before I knew it though my cheek was stinging. He had slapped me. “Now I think it’s time we talked Washington. Just you and me.” He pulled out a switchblade and cut my just adding to my multiple scars on my arms. “Your not going to make a sound if you do I’ll hurt you and I don’t want to do that.”
I nodded weakly and he threw me onto the bed getting on top of me. Well, I’m sure you figure out what he did to me.
When he was down he started to redress me telling me what he was going to do to me if I made a single sound. Tears were already flowing down my cheeks so again I just nodded along every so often.
He was still on top of me when he kissed my forehead and was pulling my MIW tank top over my head. He let me fall back and he got up to look at the doorway. Before I could do anything I was greeted by blackness.
Jade’s Pov
I raced after Sam and when I got the door was horrified at the look of Dakota. Sam had him pinned but he bit her and she let go. He kicked her in the gut and knocked me over trying to get out of the room. I tackled him and we tumbled down the endless steps. I hit my head so many times and I’m pretty sure I heard a rib crack and my wrist.
When we finally got down to the bottom of the steps I had him a** pinned in seconds before he could react. I was pissed at him. “How dare you.” growled out between clenched teeth. How dare you do that to her!” This time I yelled it.
Before I could do any real damage to him though I was lifted off of him and he took the chance to run out the building. I fought against the person who had me by my waist but it was useless. “Calm down Jade!” It was Jake that was holding me.
“Get Dakota.”
The boys all ran up the stairs and Jake took me to the bus. “What the h*ll happened?” I shook my head not wanting to answer.
Twenty minutes later we were on the road again. Dakota was in her bunk and I could tell we were all worried about her.
It was silent. No one was speaking. We were lost in thought until CC finally spoke.
“What the h*ll just happened and will she wake up soon?”
Sam nodded, “She’ll be awake soon trust me she’s gone through worse. Now as far as what happened he was either attempting or did…” She let the unspoken word hang in the air. The word she did not want to speak and I knew why. It seemed to final and too real if she said it.
I looked at Jake and he was looking back at me. “Next time let me at least knock him out.”
He sighed and thought before finally speaking. “Jade you would’ve beat him to a pul-“
“He deserves it! He has no d*mn right doing that to her. I swear to god if I ever see him again in the near time future-ugh.” Jinxx came up to me and pulled me into a hug but I didn't hug him back. “Please just let go of me for a minute I seriously need to calm down.” He let me go. “I’ll go check on her.”
I could tell he wanted to protest but I walked past him and into the bunk area. I opened the curtain that closed Dakota off from the world and slightly shook her. “Dakota Ivy Caramel you need to wake up.”
She opened her eyes and the mount she saw me silent tears began to stream down her face. I helped her out of the bunk and pulled her into a hug. “Shh. Every things gonna be alright now.” I rubbed small circles in her back and waited for her to calm down. “Let’s go and see the others kay?”
She’s nodded and we headed out. The moment the saw her they ambushed her in a giant hug. Sam looked at her and sighed, “He did didn’t he?” She nodded letting a few silent tears roll down her cheek.
—Later that night—
I’m the only one up and I’m alone with my thought with a bottle of whiskey. I had to stop being alone. My thoughts were poisonous to me. I started to zone out and relive memories I probably didn’t want to go through again when Jinxx came out.
“You okay Jade? He slowly took the bottle out of my hands and I let him. I didn’t feel like waking up with a headache to be honest.
“Yeah, I'm fine.”
“Are you sure?”
I sighed and shook my head while pushing myself up into a sitting postition. “I’m worried about her Jinxx. She’s gone through this before. I don’t know if she could do it again. I don’t want to see her hurt. I-She'll wind up cutting or starving herself and I can’t stand it when she does it because then I feel like it’s my fault and then the only way for me to somewhat safely release that anger is by self harm and I hate it because when Dakota and Sam find out it hurts them and it just causes a huge chain reaction.” I sighed and shook my ead. “I'm sorry about earlier the thing about me is that I’m not big on hugs or anything like that. The only boyfriend I ever loved was Jake Hathaway. He died though and I was a wreck for a while. After that I didn’t date at all.
"In New York I guess I became colder than I normally would be. I shut out any true emotion. The only real love I had was for Sam and Dakota I mean they’re my sisters.”
He sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug when I leaned into. “I’m glad you talked to me. I’ll always be here for you to talk to. And please promise me to stop cutting.”
I stiffened up immediately. “Jinxx I don’t kno-“
“Just promise me please?”
“Fine I promise I will try to to stop.”
“Thank you. Now it’s time to sleep I am about to die if exhaustion and I think you are too. Let’s go to sleep Jade.”
I smiled and got into my bunk silently thanking Jinxx for letting me spill my guts out to him. I eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.


I need you to tell me who you want Jade to be with. I can set her with CC or with Jinxx. Although someone else might steal her heart before she realizes who she really wants to be with. I truly want her to be with Jinxx to be honest but I want your guys opinion. And I need some couple names too.
Dakota obviously like Ashley so who can come up with an awesome name anyone?
And then Jade with CC or Jade with Jinxx? Any couple names?
And Sam with Andy? Any names out there for them?
I will love you forever as a friend if you help me out!!
Thank you so much for reading and I plan to update soon!




Thanks so much! My friend wanted Thaila to meet the girls at Starbucks and I called her a classic white girl lol! I'm working on the next chapter right now so yeah. :) It may or may not have that speical CC and Jade scene. Hmmmmm........

Thalia seems awesome! I love how the girls are so nice and invited Thalia to sit with them. Not a lot of people would do that. I just can't wait to see what happens with Thalia. :) wonderful update.

I think Jinxx would be perfect for her and then CC and Jade can be like partners in prank crime or something. lol. But remember Jade's description she claims she doesn't fall in love so wonder how long it'll take for to admit her feelings?
I'm gonna make a special moment happen between CC and Jade too so then you can decide and I'm about to update right now too. Lol!

Lol, a very messed up person does that unfortunately!
But during chapter 13, Jinxx and Jade has something going on.... I think Jade would be perfect with either one of them now. Now I'm kinda leaning towards Jinxx after that chapter.