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Family Is Forever

Jade's Past

Jade's Pov (This is just after she made breakfast in the last chapter)
I grabbed the air horn and Blasted it causing them to tumble out the bunks and fall on the ground. CC looked at me and so did Jinxx. “Get her!” Andy cried out. I ran behind Ashley and used him as a shield.
“I made you breakfast and I didn’t want to reheat it. So yes I woke you up.” I didn’t realize Dakota and Sam were behind me until the jumped on my back. I tumbled into Ashley and they laughed.
I rolled my eyes and tackled Dakota putting her in a headlock. “Say mercy and I’ll let you go.” She shook her head and pinned me. I was struggled until finally I was able to shift my weight enough to throw her off balance and I pinned her.
“Are they always like this?” I heard Jinxx ask.
“You should see us actually fight, this is nothing. .” Sam answered.
Dakota bit me when I wasn’t looking and I bit back a painful gasp. “Motherf*cking b*tch!” I shot a glare at her. I got off of her and helped her up.
“Next time don’t pin me to the floor. You know I don’t like that.” She shot back with a smirk. She skipped to the kitchen and came back out with two plates bigger than CC’s and he had a lot. She handed me one and I’m done before anyone else.
“Jeez, you act like you never had a meal in your life.” CC said with an astonished look on his face.
Dakota blushed just slightly, enough for me to notice. “We burn it off easily enough. We play almost every single sport out there.”
Ashley looked at Dakota and then at me. I don’t like him like that but I know Dakota does. To me Ashley’s like a brother I wish I had. Instead I was destined to have a b*tch for a brother.
We had arrived at the hotel we were gonna stay at tonight because no one felt like sleeping on the bus so I stole Andy’s cigarettes and went outside the bus to smoke while all the others gout their stuff all situated and all that. “You know you shouldn’t be smoking. Your too young.”
I looked up to see Andy and I laughed, “So are you. Don’t you want to keep your talented lungs tar free? Besides, I’ve been smoking since I was nine. I’m as addicted to this as I am to food and air.”
“I’m sorry for the other night. Just trying to get to know you a litt-“
I cut him off with a shake of my head. “Andy, it’s fine. Maybe when I know you a little better and trust you more I’ll tell you about all of what’s happened to me at least. I guess you can say I have a slight trust issue. It kinda went along to the whole growing up on the streets of New York thing. You learned to watch your back.”
I looked up to see him with a sad look on his face. “Well, you don’t have anything to worry about with us.”
“I don’t know, Most of my life I’ve been constantly watching my back, it’ll be a tough habit to break. Thanks Andy.” I tossed him the pack of cigarettes. “I kinda stole those before I came out.”
“I was looking for these ya little thief.”
I faed a hurt gasp. “Andrew Dennis Biersack! That is a mean and hurtful thing to say. However it is the truth.” I tossed him his wallet. “I’m the f*cking queen of thieves.”
I laughed at his expression and went inside. I think I’m falling for him. I haven’t even known him that long either. ‘Snap out of it Jadelyn. You’ll just wind up getting hurt if you do this so fast.’ I scolded myself.
Would I wind up getting hurt though? He said I didn’t have to worry. D*mn it! I can’t trust them like this so fast. If they found out about my past they’d probably drop me like I’m hot and I’d never see Sam or Kota again.
I got out my sketchpad and drew a sword swallower. Only she messed up and it went through her throat. I guess I was good drawer. Everyone whose ever met me says I’m talented as all h*ll but I didn’t se it. Oh well.
I’d color it in tomorrow. Right now I want a nap. Since everyone was in the hotel I got my stuff, got my key, and went into my room. I got out my pillow and fell asleep.
-hald an hour later- (Story break)

-ock knock! “Jade can I talk to you.” Ashley. F*ck! How long was I out?
“Yeah hang on give me about 10 minutes.” I run a brush through my hair and brush my teeth. I put a Motionless In White shirt on and open the door. I check my watch. 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Good.
I open the door and motion for him to come in and we sit on the bed. “What did you want to talk about Ash?”
“Uh I’m not good with small talk when it comes to this so I’m just gonna say it. Last night everyone was asleep and I just couldn’t fall asleep. I went out into the living room and put you into my bunk. When I picked you up though your sleeve fell back and I saw the cuts and scars. All I want to know is why? You don’t have to tell me the whole story. I just want to know why.”
Sh*t! Least he didn’t see my legs or my stomach. “Ash, I’ll tell you my story. I guess I trust you enough and I hope you don’t tell the others.” He nodded so I continued. “I saw my mom get killed by my father. Before that I saw him f*cking beat her every night all because he was a d*mn alcoholic. He would also hurt me as well. Then my brother got into the gang life. He was caught up in drugs, sex, and all that and I was dragged in with him. School was h*ll. I was beat almost every day because I was different so I dropped out. I was kidnapped. All to get Tony to stop growing his f*cking ‘gang territory’. That was all before I was twelve.

“Then I started listening to you guys and Kota, Sam, and I became inseparable. On my fourteenth birthday Tony was beaten to death and shot. I had to run the gang for a while until it became the death of me. We ran on my 16th birthday. Since I was 7 I’ve been stabbed seven times. Broken bones 45 all because of recklessness and fighting. I’ve been shot ten f*cking times. All my boyfriends have cheated on me or just tried to use me for sex. And I’ve attempted suicide four times. I’ve been in more fights than I care to mention. I a-almost died twice and life's been h-h*ll ’til you adopted us.”
Unwanted memories flooded my mind. It started getting hot and the floor began to spin. A wave of nausea came over me and a cold sweat broke out. It was too much it all came crashing down on me so fast. I’ve never told anyone the whole story besides Sam and Kota.
“I ha-have to c-calm down I’ll be back i-in a minute.” Before he could do or say anything I ran to the bathroom.

I grabbed the blade and made eight cuts on my stomach and four more on each arm. Tears flooded my eyes and spilled over. I was still hot and breathing heavily but the dizziness went away. Before I could make any more cuts I saw that Ashley was in front of me. He took the blade out of my hand and had tissues in his hand. He pressed on my arm gently and looked at me with saddened eyes.

“Do you want me to go get Sam and Dakota?”

“N-no please don’t, I promised them I would t-try and stop. I don’t want to see the d-disappointment. It would only h-hurt them.” I saw two things in his eyes. Anger and sadness.

“Are you mad?”

“Yeah I am.” F*ck! I knew not to trust them. Even though he was talking barely above a whisper I could hear it. His voice thick with worry and hushed anger. “I’m mad because you had go through all that sh*t. You didn’t need that at all. No one deserves to go through that, especially you. I’m sad too that you had to resort to starving and hurting yourself. Promise me you’ll try to stop.”

“Ash, I’m n-not strong enough. It’s a bit like an addiction with me. It makes me forget even for j-just a little while.”

“Then you talk to me. I’ll always be here. Your like a little sister I always wanted and I can’t bear the fact that your hurting. Promise you’ll stop. Purdy please?”

I smiled despite yourself. “Huge ego much.”

“Maybe a bit.” I laughed even though tears were blurring my vision. “Promise?”

“I’ll try.” By now he had wrapped up my wrists and was bandaging my stomach. “Thanks. I’m not used to people caring especially men.”

“Well, this group of childish men will protect you no matter what. Can I tell the others what you told me or do you want to wait?”

“When I think it’s the right time just not right now.” He nodded and helped me back to bed. Could they really protect me from my past?

He left and I and got ready. I met them all downstairs and saw the two people I despised. Sam’s brother Dallas Winston and her ex Kyle Woods. They were h*ll bent on ruining our lives.


Okay so this is for MrsChristionComa and also for BVB_iseverything Thank you guys for commenting! It makes me really happy to know that I have someone reading this.
I also want to thank everyone who's subscribed! You people are awesome!
I hope you love the chapter and I'm about to add a bit of drama. :) Gotta love/hate drama.

- Tsubaki_Purdy_66




Thanks so much! My friend wanted Thaila to meet the girls at Starbucks and I called her a classic white girl lol! I'm working on the next chapter right now so yeah. :) It may or may not have that speical CC and Jade scene. Hmmmmm........

Thalia seems awesome! I love how the girls are so nice and invited Thalia to sit with them. Not a lot of people would do that. I just can't wait to see what happens with Thalia. :) wonderful update.

I think Jinxx would be perfect for her and then CC and Jade can be like partners in prank crime or something. lol. But remember Jade's description she claims she doesn't fall in love so wonder how long it'll take for to admit her feelings?
I'm gonna make a special moment happen between CC and Jade too so then you can decide and I'm about to update right now too. Lol!

Lol, a very messed up person does that unfortunately!
But during chapter 13, Jinxx and Jade has something going on.... I think Jade would be perfect with either one of them now. Now I'm kinda leaning towards Jinxx after that chapter.