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Family Is Forever

I Can't Say Goodbye to My Agony prt 2

Sam’s Pov
The guys and I were going back to the bus to get some soda when we heard yelling and cussing. The only two people on the bus is Jade and Dakota. This is bad. I quickly ran to the bus and opened the door with the guys hot on my heels when we got in we were stunned by what they were saying.
I had no idea Dakota was doing all that I was going to murder her later but right now she needs me. Both of them need me. I could hear the shocked gasps of Andy, CC, and Ashley, and I could feel the disappointment coming off of Jake and JInxx that was practically coming off of them in waves. I had to do something and fast before things got really out of control.
I took a few steps so I could get in between them but before I could Jade slapped Dakota just after she yelled that no one could take her mothers place. Dakota tried to punch Jade but she was blocked. Instead Dakota swept Jade’s feet out from under her. Before Dakota could do anything else I grabbed her by the waist and threw her onto the couch. I took Jade by the hand and hauled her up and looked over to Jinxx. “Can you take her outside so she can cool off?” He nodded and Jade followed him slamming the door shut.
That’s when Dakota broke down in tears. She started punching pillows and throwing them everywhere. She started yelling and cursing at people who have hurt her in the past. She finally calmed down and went into the bathroom and I immediately followed her scared of what she would do if left alone.
I opened the door and I quickly run over to her taking a blade out of her shaking hands. She was numb she didn’t know what she was doing. She was in shock right now. It's happened to her before right after Dally snapped. He had hit her a few times and it reminded her of her father so she went into shock the scenes kept replaying in her mind and that’s what was happening right now. Jade had to knock her out because she was threatening to slit her wrists if we came close to her, so Jade hit her with a frying pan.
I kneel down in front of her and wipe away her tears. “No more Ivy. Please?”
She shook her head. “G-g-give it b-b-back S-sam.” It was hard for her to talk and I knew that, she was frozen and hurting right now. I checked her wrists and she had only made two cuts and they weren’t deep thank god.
“I’m sorry Dakota but I have to hit you.” She slightly nodded and I threw my hand back and slapped her hard. My hand stung and red handprint started to form and she shook herself and looked at me with clear eyes now.
“She hates me now Sam you could tell that she does.”
I shook my head furiously. “Dakota Washington don’t you DARE think that jade hates you now. She’s lost, that's all. She wants to help you so bad and she can’t forgive herself for slapping you. You know how she is. She loves you more than she does her own life.”
I heard the bus door open and close as Dakota started crying. The boys had half an hour ’til they had to go do the show. There was a knock on the door and Jade came in. I could see the regret and sadness burning in her eyes, “Dakota, I’m so so sorry for slapping you. I acted on impulse and I wasn’t thinking. I’m pissed off that your doing that cr*p but I’m glad you told me. Please Ivy please forgive me.”
Dakota just cried harder, “Why the h*ll are you apologizing. I’m the one that should be doing that and either way I forgive you. I’m addicted though Jade. Addicted! I can’t stop no matter who much I might want to and I’m sorry for that.”
Jade pu her into a hug and a few tears slid down her cheeks. “We’ll get through this! Do you want to go to the concert? I think you might need it.”
Dakota nodded and quickly did her hair in a side french braid as Sam and I did her warpaint. God I hope Dakota felt better since she told us about this. We came out of the bathroom and the guys all surrounded Dakota in a group hug. She smiled when they let her breath. “You guys have concert to go to, let’s go.”
Twenty minutes later we were on the side and watching the boys start their first song of the night. Savior and I could tell it meant so much to Dakota. This was exactly what she needed was to her their music and let it fill her up with a bit of hope.
Thaila’s Pov
I was finally going to Starbuck’s after a long and tiring pain in the a** day. I needed coffee so bad right now. I got off my Harley and put my purple helmet down revealing my blue and black hair. I walked up to the door opening it and greeted with the wonderful scent of coffee.
Let me tell you about myself. I love music and I was hoping to get into fashion or the music industry. I’m a metal head and a rap god. My favorite colors are blue, purple, black and red. My eyes change color and my hair came down past my elbows just a bit. My full name is Thaila Grace Thomas and I’m addicted to Starbuck’s coffee. yes I’m a classic white girl.
I already knew what I wanted so I ordered a frappacino (Sorry if that’s spelled wrong deal with it i guess) and a glazed donut. When I got it I was looking for somewhere to sit when a girl with green and blue hair waved at me. “Come sit with us. You look like you could use some friends.”
“Thanks I guess.” I walked over to them and sat down. “My names Thaila Thomas.”
“I’m Dakota Washington. That’s Sam Pitts.” She pointed to a blue and purple haired girl across from her. “And that’ Jade Thomas.”
The one with the red and black hair gave me a half smile. “Thomas huh? It would be funny if we were related.” I laughed and shook my head.
“I don't think we are.” I said smiling slightly.
“Do you know your mom’s name?”
“No if I had a photo I could show you what she looked like but i don’t have it on me I was adopted so I don’t really know who my birth family is.”
Sam smirked. “You two do look freakishly alike.”
Dakota nodded in agreement. “I can so see the resemblance.”
We kept talking for like an hour after that. I checked my watch and saw that it was getting late. “Hey I should probably go it’s getting late. I got to clean my Harley when i get home.”
“How about we follow you home and you can finish the tour with us?” Jade suggested.
“What tour?”
Sam smiled, “We’re living with BvB.” I almost choked on the last piece of my doughnut.
“You touring with them?”
Dakota smiled and nodes. “Yup.”
“Well, in that case then sure why not.”


What do you think of Thaila? Does she seem pretty cool?

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Thanks so much! My friend wanted Thaila to meet the girls at Starbucks and I called her a classic white girl lol! I'm working on the next chapter right now so yeah. :) It may or may not have that speical CC and Jade scene. Hmmmmm........

Thalia seems awesome! I love how the girls are so nice and invited Thalia to sit with them. Not a lot of people would do that. I just can't wait to see what happens with Thalia. :) wonderful update.

I think Jinxx would be perfect for her and then CC and Jade can be like partners in prank crime or something. lol. But remember Jade's description she claims she doesn't fall in love so wonder how long it'll take for to admit her feelings?
I'm gonna make a special moment happen between CC and Jade too so then you can decide and I'm about to update right now too. Lol!

Lol, a very messed up person does that unfortunately!
But during chapter 13, Jinxx and Jade has something going on.... I think Jade would be perfect with either one of them now. Now I'm kinda leaning towards Jinxx after that chapter.