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Family Is Forever

Life Is Finally Looking Up

Jadelyn’s Pov

I ran to the auditorium to escape Hannah. She was a b*tch to me all because I was an outcast. “Jadelyn, I know your in here.” I was a gymnast so I climbed up the rope hanging from the balcony. The door to the balcony burst open and in came Hannah’s lackey bimbos.
“Hannah!” She look up and smirked dangerously. I was slowly making my way to the rope since I was on the wrong side of the railing. If they pushed me I could possibly die. “The sl*t’s up here.”
“Lisa your only talent is getting it on with guys so look whose talking.” I fired back at her. I had made it to the rope and slid down but halfway down I looked up and they were burning it. It was seconds from snapping.
They all stopped and had a panicked look on their faces and ran. I heard my name being called. That meant I might get adopted.
I jumped and I landed on my feet. I ran to my room and got dressed into my usual attire. I put on black, stretchy, ripped skinny jeans. I threw on a Black Veil Brides t-shirt and my all black Rebels leather jacket. I threw on all my band brackets and waited for my friends.
They both came in and got dressed. We’ve known each other for a long time because we all grew up in a gang in New York. Maybe with a whole lot of luck they would adopt Sam, Dakota, and I.

Sam's Pov

I’m Sammantha Winston but call me Sam unless you want to end up in the ICU. “Do you think they’ll adopt all three of us?” Dakota asked hopefully.
I shrugged, “We can only hope and pray. I gotta get dress and so do you Dakota.” We walked into our room that we shared and I put on black ripped jeggings and a Pierce The Veil t-shirt with my rebels jacket. I put on my steel toed mid calf boots.
I should probably introduce myself. I’m the queen of b*tches. We all grew up in New York until we ran away and landed ourselves in here. Once you befriend me I will defend you with my life. I’m extremely protective of Dakota when it came to guys. I’m loyal once I know you and if you betray me i will almost never trust you again. A sassy hot head that has one of the shortest fuse of all time.
I can scream, rap, and growl. I can play bass and drums. I also do any kind of dance. I’m the goddess of pranks and pickpocketing. We’re all athletic and are experts in almost every sports. I had a passion for skateboarding though.
Also I cut. There I said it. I used to be suicidal until I met Jade and Kota. I used to bun myself too but I stopped that. I cut partly because I can’t stop and I have the lowest self esteem you could possibly have. I rate myself WAY below zero.
As for how I look I have blonde hair that faded into blue and that faded into purple. I am a natural blonde and no I am far from dumb most of the time. We all dye our hair the same color. It’s a symbol of our friendship and what we’ve overcome.
My favorite rapper is Eminem. I also like Miranda Lambert, Jessie J, and Rihanna. My all time favorite bands were Black Veil Brides, Peirce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, Shindedown, Kiss, Korn, and Avenged Sevenfold. Also I love Tool.
Now that you know me enough back to the story.
“Dakota you look awesome.” She had on a Sleeping with Sirens shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, converse, and her Rebel’s jacket. (We know whose is whose because we had our name’s put on it them.) We put on our warpaint, eyeliner, and mascara. We walked down the stairs singing together to knives and pens. Screaming and all.
When we got to the area where we lined up so the people could look at us I them. My number one idols. The ones that saved me.

Black Veil Brides!!!!!!!! Mini fangirl moment: MAJOR check!!!


Hey guys so first story. Be nice please. And enjoy the story.




Thanks so much! My friend wanted Thaila to meet the girls at Starbucks and I called her a classic white girl lol! I'm working on the next chapter right now so yeah. :) It may or may not have that speical CC and Jade scene. Hmmmmm........

Thalia seems awesome! I love how the girls are so nice and invited Thalia to sit with them. Not a lot of people would do that. I just can't wait to see what happens with Thalia. :) wonderful update.

I think Jinxx would be perfect for her and then CC and Jade can be like partners in prank crime or something. lol. But remember Jade's description she claims she doesn't fall in love so wonder how long it'll take for to admit her feelings?
I'm gonna make a special moment happen between CC and Jade too so then you can decide and I'm about to update right now too. Lol!

Lol, a very messed up person does that unfortunately!
But during chapter 13, Jinxx and Jade has something going on.... I think Jade would be perfect with either one of them now. Now I'm kinda leaning towards Jinxx after that chapter.