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House of Death. (Andy Biersack Love Story.)

Chapter Four.

Andy's POV.
It was silent in the hospital room. It was about 4am. I hadn't fallen asleep. I had sat there the whole night, hoping she'd be okay. But I knew she wasn't when I heard the beeping stop. I pressed the button and called for the nurse repeatedly until they finally showed up. They moved her into the operating room quickly. I thought for sure she was dead. That I had lost her. They announced her dead as of 4:30am. I texted Morgue, Ash, everyone I knew. I was in tears and so was Jinxx. Morgue didn't bother to show up. I walked in and saw Marilyn's lifeless body. I kissed her forehead and just let the tears fall.

"Damn it, Marilyn! You can't leave me! You can't!" I shouted at the corpse laying on the table. Ashley and CC walked up behind me and grabbed me.

"Andy! Get a hold of yourself! She's gone! She's not coming back!" Ashley shouted in my face. I refused to believe though. I wasn't going to let her leave.

"Why couldn't they save her!?" I shouted as I flipped a chair. And as if that chair had flipped something, that breathing monitor started again and Marilyn was brought back.

"Marilyn!" I shouted as I rushed over to her. I kissed every inch of her face.

"Get the doctor!" I shouted. Marilyn was awake. And alive. She was here. Ashley and CC were frozen. But they soon got a grip and called in the doctor.

"Wow! That's a miracle that that happened! I must say, she has God on her side." I scoffed at that remark and left it alone.

"I guess let's check her and if we see nothing is wrong then you can sign her out tonight." The doctor said as he walked over to her. Marilyn seemed fine. She seemed happy. Like she wasn't hurt. The doctor checked everything and looked at us.

"That's remarkable... I've never seen anything like this..." The doctor was astounded.

"There's not a thing wrong!" He exclaimed. Marilyn was sitting up straight with her legs dangling off of the operating table and she was smiling.

"I can't believe this... You can check her out." The doctor said as he handed us a clip board. i walked over to the extremely okay Marilyn.

"Where's Morgue?" She asked me as I approached her.

"Don't know. We have some clothes for you in this bag." I told her as I handed her the bag. She smiled and took it. Since everyone was distracted with filling out paper work, she just changed right there. But when she took off her hospital thing, I saw black wings come from her back.

"Wh-What the hell!?" I whisper shouted. She looked over her shoulder.

"Holy shit." She exclaimed. She focused for a bit and finally got them to go away. She got her clothes back on just a second before everyone turned around. They all stared at her and Jinxx hugged her tightly.

"My daughter is okay!" He exclaimed as he hugged her. She smiled and nodded.

"Hey, Andy? Can you take me to Morgue's?" She asked once Jinxx let go. I nodded.

"What the hell were those white wings?" I asked her as we got in my car.

"I have an idea..." She said as I started the car. I shivered. Was she really an angel now? I drove her to Morgue's apartment and she knocked on the door several times. After he didn't answer, she picked the lock with a bobby pin I had in my car. She walked in quietly at first but then threw a vase down on the ground, causing a loud shatter. Soon, Morgue ran out of his room, followed by a girl.

"Surprise, fucker! I'm alive!" She shouted as soon as she saw him. He went wide eyed as did the girl behind him.

"I-I thought you were dead?" Morgue was just as surprised as I was when she suddenly came back to life.

"I was. But I guess with some twist of fate, I came back to life. And now I can make your life a living hell." She said as she winked.

"Well, that's all I have to say. Come on, Andy. We have some research to do." Marilyn said as she turned around and walked out. I followed and shut Morgue's apartment door behind me.


Oooh! Supernatural stuff! BTW, I'M BAAAACCCKKK!!!


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Kamalani Kamalani


Don't worry about it! Goodnight and expect updates on all my stories tomorrow!

Desi Morgue Desi Morgue

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okay goodnight sorry it took me a while to answer i was updating my story...

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Thank you! I'm glad you like the story! I will have to update tomorrow because it is very late where I am and I have to get up and go to school in the morning!

Desi Morgue Desi Morgue

I like your story great job keep up the good work and ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

Kamalani Kamalani