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House of Death. (Andy Biersack Love Story.)

Chapter Two. Cosplay?

Marilyn's POV.
I woke up the next day in my comfortable bed and checked my phone. I had a text from the guys, Morgue, and Ashton. Morgue and Ashton were dying to do a new cosplay video and the guys wanted to go get lunch. Why not both though? I called them and made the arrangements. I would have never guessed that Andy knew what Black Butler was though. But he only knows about it through fans. I then called Morgue to discuss who is who today.

"I want you to be Ciel, Ashton will be Alois, and I'll be Sebastian." He told me. I laughed. I had almost all the cosplay stuff for the Black Butler characters except I was just missing Ciel's ring. But that's fine. I got dressed in my cosplay http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=153932645 and then went down stairs to see the guys.

"Holy shit! I thought you were someone else when you came down here!" Ashley shouted. I laughed.

"Well, you know. Cosplay. Today we're doing a video of How To Please Your Young Master. This will be very interesting." I informed him. Then Jinxx walked in.

"Everyone ready?" He asked as he grabbed his keys. He then looked at me.

"No sexual cosplay at the pizza place." He warned me. I laughed.
Once we got there I instantly found Morgue who was dressed accordingly and looked exactly like Sebastian. We still had to wait for Ashton though because she was playing Alois. But she soon got there. We had Asia recording today which was different. We usually had my friend Nick record us but he committed suicide last month. We hadn't done a video since. Asia hit the recording button and I then jumped on Morgue's back.

"Sebastian! I'm tired!" I shouted at him.

"Young master, how many times have I told you to go to bed at a decent time?" He questioned me. I let out a loud groan.

"Maybe you shouldn't go to those stupid cat conventions." I told him, complaining.

"Young master, I will make it up to you tonight." He told me. Ashton made a gagging sound.

"You're just mad because my butler killed your butler!" I told her.

"Whatever! My butler was sexier than yours!" She argued.

"Alois, I'm simply one hell of a butler." Morgue butted in as he put me down. I laughed and got my pizza. For the time we were eating we stopped recording because that's just the boring stuff. We were looking forward to the yaoi part. (If you don't know what yaoi is, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GOOGLE IMAGE IT.)

"So how is the whole cosplay yaoi stuff supposed to work?" Andy asked me.

"Well basically, Morgue and I just make out. Which is why we're shipped at the Freakshow. Because of that damn cosplay we do, we have a ship name now. Morguelyn." I explained.

"So no sex?" Ashley asked with puppy dog eyes. I laughed.

"No sex. Just touching." I explained.

"Not sure how I feel about this." Jinxx said staring down Morgue. Morgue shifted uncomfortably and grabbed my hand.

"Well I think she's very beautiful. I uh... I waited a long time to tell her this but I really want her to be my girlfriend." Morgue told Jinxx. I then looked over at Andy who looked down at his pizza. He stood up and grabbed his keys.

"I'm not hungry anymore. I'm gonna go home now. Not feeling too well." Andy said as he walked away. Was he mad or something? I'll just text him later I guess.

"We should get going. Um... I don't really feel up to finishing the video today." I said as I stood up. Morgue hugged me and then kissed my cheek. I said bye to Ashton and got in the car.

"So do you think Andy is okay?" I asked Jinxx.

"You're oblivious." He told me as he turned on the radio.

"What do you mean?" I asked turning it down.

"I mean, Andy likes you. He doesn't want you to be with Morgue. He wants you to be with him." Jinxx explained.

"You're joking." I told him, cracking up.

"You're going to dinner with Andy tonight." Jinxx demanded.

"What? Why?" I questioned.

"Because Andy likes you! I'd rather you be with Andy than Morgue!" Jinxx exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and cancelled my plans I had with Morgue tonight. It was nothing big that Morgue and I were going to do. We were just going to sit around and watch movies. And that's what I liked. Andy probably wants to go to a fancy restaurant and be all fancy and shit. At least he's the one paying for it. At about 5:30 I got ready for my not-a-date date. I got dressed in http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=153971156 and walked down stairs.

"Shouldn't you dress in something nicer?" Jinxx asked me. I shrugged. Soon I heard someone knock on the door. I answered it to an Andy who had his hair done and he was in black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, a leather jacket, and black cowboy boots. So I guess I didn't need to dress nicer.

"I think we're just going to watch movies at my place if that's okay with you." He said as we walked out to his car. I smiled and agreed to that.
Once we were at his house he just ordered pizza and he had monster at his house. We decided on renting Into The Woods and just chill out on his couch.

"I think Crow likes you." He said laughing as Crow jumped onto my lap. I scratched Crow's ears and he started purring.

"He must really like you." Andy said as he laughed again. I giggled and looked at Andy. I got distracted by his baby blue eyes though. They were burning a hole into my soul.

"Take out the contacts." He told me as he cupped my face with his hand. I blushed and looked down. I grabbed my contact case and took them out. I couldn't see anything though.

"I can't see without them. I think I might have my glasses somewhere in m bag though." I said as I dug around for them frantically. Andy grabbed my hand. I then felt his free hand grab my face and pull it towards his. A warm, soft presence was felt on my lips. It was enjoyable. I kissed him back and he put his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance but I eventually let his win. He bit my lip, making me let out a small moan, and then her kissed it. We separated for about ten seconds before he sucked me into another kiss. This time things got more intense. He ran a hand up my shirt as he laid on top of me on the couch. His hand then reached my breasts and caressed them slowly. Since he knew he couldn't exactly "Stick it in me" since I was 17, he took two fingers and shoved them in my panties. He played with my clit, making me moan loudly as he thrust his fingers in and out of me. I guess he couldn't obey by the law anymore though because he then unbuttoned his pants and pulled my pants down. He replaced his fingers with his already hard member.

"A-Andy! I-t hurts!" I moaned. He let out a loud groan and went faster and harder, shoving his whole cock in me this time. I continuously moaned his name as he went faster. I couldn't hold it in anymore though. I felt all the muscles in my stomach tighten as I let my cum out on him. He moaned and then pulled out. He went down to my wet clit and licked it, making me moan so loud that I thought I might wake up his neighbors. He pulled his tongue out of me and then looked up at me.

"Your turn, baby." He said in his low, sexy voice. I smirked and got down to level with his cock. I stuffed the tip in my mouth and started to suck on it as he moaned. I then shoved more of it in my mouth. I got faster with every head bob. He got louder every time I got faster though. Soon he started to cum and some of it got in my mouth. I sat up and he caressed my cheek.

"Fuck the law. I had to have you tonight." He said before he lightly kissed me again. I kissed him back and then laid down again. Soon I pulled back on my panties and my bra along with my shirt. I left my pants off though. I figured I would just crash at his place tonight, anyways.

"Are you tired?" Andy asked me as I yawned. I was trying to resist sleep but I didn't even get the chance to respond to his question before his strong arms had picked me up and carried me to a bed. Not long after that I was peacefully asleep.



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Don't worry about it! Goodnight and expect updates on all my stories tomorrow!

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okay goodnight sorry it took me a while to answer i was updating my story...

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Thank you! I'm glad you like the story! I will have to update tomorrow because it is very late where I am and I have to get up and go to school in the morning!

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I like your story great job keep up the good work and ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

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