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You Were Always Mine

Chapter 3

She rushed into him, spilling paper everywhere.
"My God! Don't you Parisians watch where you're go -oh-" he broke off, seeing the beautiful girl fumbling with the papers. "Let me help." he sighed, his expression softening.
They reached for the final paper simultaneously, causing their hands to brush like they do in stupid love films. They looked up, stark green eyes clashing with stormy grey. This woman was beautiful. He cleared his throat. "Hi, I'm Jeremy."
"You are American." she frowned. "I am Genieve. What brings you to my city?" she asked, making small talk.
"Oh, um, I'm in a band." He stuttered.
"A band! Cool!"
"So, that's a lot of paper there." he said, failing at being casual.
"Yeah, it's for my brother, he needs it at work so I am bringing it to him." She said, batting her eyelids.
"You know, I could walk you there." he suggested, unsure where all this moxie came from. Usually Ash was good with chicks, not him.
"Really!? You are very kind! Perhaps I can show you more of my city!" she responded. He was taking the line before she had even put out bait.
"I'd like that." He smiled, hiding his wedding ring. After all, he was just looking around the city with her, he wasn't planning on cheating.

Genieve led him back the same way she had come. "My brother's office is just up here." She told him, leading him down the alley where she had parked.
"We are close." she said, unusually loud.
At that moment, the boy he saw earlier, Daved, sprung from the back of a parked van. Then Jinxx's world went black.


A short chapter to save me from seagull frenzy's wrath.


I'm glad! I'll try and keep it up, just the past year has been mad for me and I'm behind at school atm so writing is really helping me release stress. It's good to know I have you as a loyal reader. xx You guys keep me going.

Omg two updates in the span of a week without an update for months! You've made me the happiest girl alive :)

I will always keep reading!!! Please update more if you can :)

Omg i didn't even think i had readers still so I stopped updating! you made me so happy!!! ^-^

Yay an update!!!