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Me? the outlaw's girl (ash.purdy)

cooking dinner and secrets

Still Madelina's POV
I sat CC down on my bed then I did the Ash follwed.
"CC I need to tell you something."
"Okay shoot."
" Uh I can't thank you enough for letting me stay here, and to show my thankfulness I'm going to cook for you and the guys ."
"Wow, Mads you don't need to do this."
"Yes I do."
"Dinner will be ready in about an hour."
CC kissed the top of my head, and said,"See you at dinner."
"See you."
he shut the door behind us
"Why didn't you tell him?"
"I got scared okay."
"Just don't tell him.Please?"
Ashley's POV
When she said please I could tell the fright in her voice
"I won't."
"Pinkie promise?"
I smiled ,"Pinkie promise."
we hurried down stairs so she could start on dinner and I plopped down on the couch by Andy who was obsessing over The dark night
I smelled the sent of burgers and walked over Madelina who was flipping the meat
" So when will the burgers be done?"
"When ever there brown.. duh, can you get me some cheese sticks?"
I stepped over to the fridge grabbed two cheese sticks gave them to her and she ripped open the package and took a bite of the chees
------------------------------one hour later-------------------------------------------------------------
Madelina's POV
"Foooood" CC said
" TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH." Jinxx stated
they each grabbed a cheese burger and plopped mashed potatoes on there plates.
"Mmmmm, I kenw I missed your cooking sis." CC said with a mouthful.
"your welcome to."
"Where have you been all my life your cooking is better than Jinxx's!" Andy said excitedly
"Hey hurtful!" Jinxx said with a pouty face
when I was finished I said goodnight to all of the band mates and went up stairs to take a shower. when I got in I heard the door creak open
"Who is it?"
"WE need to stop getting in awkward situations." Ash chuckled
"Yes please what are you doing in here."
"Brushing my teeth you know trying to prevent cavities."
"Ha HA can you just hand me a towel?"
"Uh we dont have any in the cubord."
" Well thats fabulous."
"I have an idea!"
Ashley's POV
"Get out of the shower ."
"Why not?"
"Thers one thing I'm NAKED."
"I won't look I swear"
"Pinkie promise?"
Geez whats with this girl and promises?
"Pinkie Promise."
She got out of the shower
"whats your "idea"?" she said putting air quotes around idea
"Well im gonna cover you and we'll side step to your room, I 'm pretty sure there still eating ."
"Okay I'm trusting you."
I covered her naked body with my body and we quickly side stepped to her room.
Madelina's POV
I went to my bag and looked for some pjs but with my luck i couldn't find any infact I DIDN'T PACK ANY
"Uh Ash?"
"I need some sleeping clothes."
he ran off and came back with a t-shirt and some sweat pants.
"Thanks." when i put the t-shirt it was really big on me but it doesn't phase me cause I'm 4''11 and I'm 18 so I'm used to it.
I crawled into the bed It was freezing
"Uh Ash?"
"I'm cold can you turn the thermostat up higher?"
He smirked, jumped in the bed and wrapped his arms around me
I chuckled," Not what I had in mind but okay."
I fell asleep very fast , but that's when I heard and crash and Ashley shot up
"Stay here."
he looked out the window then ran down stairs
a couple minuets later CC came up and picked me up bridal style
"I'm not going to let him hurt you." he whispered
he opened the door and put me on his bed he closed the door and he just joined me in the bed,




hey my Ms.sugarskull account wont log me in so this is my new one and i'll try to upload all of the story tonite 6-2-15

I will i ususally do when i fifnish my other wattpad story

OMG!! I LOVE this story so much i really do hope you update soon!

Please please please update soon!! I LOVE this story!!