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My Ashley Purdy Love Story *Not Slash*

Day 4 Pt. 2/Day 43: Sick...

It was almost time for us to leave and we still hadn’t seen Dani. We had all gotten on the bus and all we were waiting for now was for her to join us. The door opened and an unsteady Dani walked in, looking like she was about to throw up.
“Sis are you okay...” I asked, walking up to her.
“I’m fine, just go to bed everyone!” Dani said harshly, as she pushed past us and went to the bathroom. Wait, is that blood trickling down her thigh.
I took off after her and asked, “Are you sure, because you’re bleeding…”
“Yes, I just started my period after the concert. I’ll be in bed soon, just go to bed, please,” Dani groaned in reply. I sighed and went back to the bed and plopped down on it next to Tia.
“Is she okay,” Tia asked.
“Yeah, I think so… and if she isn’t, she won’t let me in to help at all anyways…” I replied with a frown.
Dani POV
“Are you sure, because you’re bleeding…” Kat asked me, standing just outside the bathroom door.
“Yes, I just started my period after the concert. I’ll be in bed soon, just go to bed, please,” I groaned in reply as I bundled up tissues and tried to stop the bleeding, stifling a gasp of pain. I burst out crying again and pulled on the spare pair of panties I had hid, lining them with a sanitary pad so the blood didn’t go everywhere. I got and stumbled out of the bathroom and to the bed, changing quickly before plopping down on it. I curled up into a ball and softly cried myself to sleep.
I don’t think this crying is about Ashley… and since when is she extremely emotional when she has her period... or in extreme pain for that matter. Something isn’t right here and it kills me I can’t do anything to help. I got up and walked out to the front of the bus, sitting down on the couch to think.
Roughly five weeks later, still Kat POV
I’m scared for Dani, and so is everyone else. She has been throwing up a lot recently, and has stopped eating breakfast completely because she just throws it up right after anyways. She has been playing it off and faking that everything is fine since that night, but I think everyone is seeing right through it. Ashley definitely has, he has been watching her carefully and doing everything he can to make her happy and make her feel better. He has gotten her to smile and laugh for real a couple of times since that night, but for the most part she has been faking. I wish I could figure out what was wrong. Well Dani is awake now and throwing up in the bathroom. I guess I better go get dressed now. As I was walking to the back room to get changed, Dani was coming out of the bathroom and Tia was walking to the front.
“Oh there you are Dee! I love you!” Tia said as she pulled Dani into a big hug and skipped away, leaving Dani behind to groan and rub her breasts. I frowned and walked up to Dani.
“Are you okay sis...” I asked the wheels in my head turning as I analyzed what just happened.
“Yeah, just really sore and tender… it doesn’t help that my bra is too small too now…” she replied with a shrug before walking back to the front, once again not eating breakfast.
Sore, tender breasts… too small bra… frequent throwing up… “Ashley James Purdy, get your ass to the back room now!” I yelled as I walked there and waited for him to join me.
“Did you use a condom sir…” I asked the second he walked into the room and the door shut, not noticing that it was actually open a crack or that Dani was sitting just outside the door.
“No… I don’t think so…” Ashley replied with a frown, sitting down.
“Think about it...” I said, waiting for his mind to catch up.
“Fuck! This changes everything! Now I have to speed everything up and really prove to her that I love her and plan on being with her every step of the way. She’ll have to stop touring because the stress won’t be good for her… which means I’ll have to stop touring because I am not leaving her to do everything by herself… or just with her sisters… which means we’ll have to reschedule dates and issue apologies and vague explanations… unless Des takes over for me…” Ashley said as he jumped up and started pacing. “But no matter what I have to convince her that I love her and that nothing is going to change that!” he said, looking over at me with passionate, honest eyes before going back to pacing and mumbling.
Dani POV
He loves me… he really does love me, so much so that he would stop touring to be with me and the baby… Wait!! No, no, no, no... I can’t be pregnant!! I’m not pregnant! The baby probably wouldn’t even be his if I am, knowing my luck… I moaned and stumbled to the bathroom, throwing up again. Fuck!
Ashley POV
“Wait a second… this doesn’t make sense… the night she came to the bus late, she had just started her period and it didn’t look light enough to be just some sort of implantation bleeding… you haven’t had sex with her since, right…” Kat said looking over at me.
“No…” I replied instantly as I sat down and thought back to that night. The late hour, the location, her outfit, her stiffness, the sick almost dead look to her face, the blood I wasn’t sure I had seen, the fakeness to her laughs and smiles ever since… “No…” I mumbled as my face went white before jumping up and running out of the room. I ran to the bathroom, getting there just as she was finished throwing up. “You are never leaving my sight ever again,” I promised with tears streaming down my face as I picked her up and carried her to the back room, holding her small frame tightly to mine. “Please tell me you saw his face and can describe him so the police can catch him...” I moaned as I sat down and wrapped a blanket around her, not caring that a confused Kat was sitting where I left her staring at us or that I was essentially babying a grown woman.
“Too dark…” she mumbled with a shake of her head, leaning into me as tears started to fall.
“Oh Dani whether this baby is mine or his, I will love him and treat him like he is mine because he is yours… I know this isn’t that romantic, but will you please be mine...” I asked, hoping everything I had done was enough.
She let out a real laugh in the midst of her tears and said, “Yes Ashley as long as you’ll be mine...”
I smiled and pulled her into a kiss, jumping when Kat yelled, “OH HELL NO!! I AM GOING TO SLIT THAT MOTHERFUCKER’S THROAT!!”
“She figured it out...” I whispered to Dani, holding her closer to me.
“You gotta let me go Ashley, I’ve got to calm her down before she hurts someone or destroys something...” she said as she wiggled out of my arms and walked over to Kat, waving me out of the room.
“Is it okay if I tell the guys and Tia…” I asked as I got up.
“Yeah, I’m not allowed to tell anyone anyways...” she replied quickly, shooing me out.
I walked out to the front of the bus and plopped down on one of the couches, not sure whether to laugh or cry.
“What the fuck is going on back there...” Andy asked, looking over at me.
“Dani is probably pregnant, but it might be her rapist’s baby and not mine… the night that she came back to the bus late... she was late because someone raped her… and Kat is raging mad right now because she figured out that my girl got raped…” I replied, my mind going in circles.
“Wait,” Andy said, only to get cut off by CC.
“Whoa,” CC said, only to get cut off by Jake.
“Raped,” Jake said, only to get cut off by Jinxx.
“My girl,” Jinxx said, only to get cut off by Tia.
“So my sister got raped, is most likely pregnant, we don’t know who the father is and now the two of you are dating…” Tia summed up, making sure she understood correctly, “… oh and my other sister is raging mad now and Dee is trying to calm her down...”
I nodded, thankful that at least she understood.


Dani's outfit after the two week skip:


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