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My Ashley Purdy Love Story *Not Slash*

Day 2 Pt. 3: Hanging out of a different kind...

Once he was out and I had recovered, I rummaged through a couple of the drawers and found what I was looking for. I pulled out two sets of handcuffs, one longer than the other. I hooked one end of one of them to the hooks and bar in the ceiling, one at a time, and tested out their strength. Once I was certain that they would hold me, I smirked and cuffed both of my ankles using the longer set. I cuffed one wrist with the shorter pair and opened the other cuff. I hopped up and grabbed the bar with my un-cuffed hand, flipped the unattached cuff over the pole and cuffed my hand. I grabbed the bar with both hands and slid down towards the hooks. Once I got there I brought my feet up and hooked the link closest to each cuff onto their respective hook, effectively spreading my legs. I relaxed, letting go of the bar, and hung there. While I waiting for him to wake up, I entertained myself with thoughts of him pounding into me. It wasn’t long until I was extremely turned on and craving his touch.
“Mm Dani,” Ashley moaned, eyes still shut, as he felt around for me on the bed.
“Ashley I’m right here,” I purred. Ashley’s eyes flew open, snapping on me. “I’m ready and waiting, sir,” I purred. Ashley’s eyes sparkled and he stood up.
“Well hello there sexy,” Ashley purred, smirking, as he walked over to my side. “Did you do this all by yourself, or did you have help,” he asked, smirking, as he looked down at me and started teasing my breasts.
“All by myself,” I moaned out, pushing up into his touch.
Ashley smirked and pulled away, shaking his head. I whimpered at the loss of contact and looked up at him questioningly. “You really must like someone taking control over you… You will take what I give you and nothing more, that means no bucking and pushing up into my touch no matter what,” Ashley said firmly. I whimpered and nodded. “You did this to yourself, remember,” Ashley said, smirking.
“Fuck Ash, do something… please!” I moaned deeply as I looked up into his eyes, desperate. He moaned and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss as he went back to teasing my breasts. I moaned into the kiss and did my best to resist pushing up into his touch. He broke the kiss and started kissing and nipping all over my neck, trying to find my sweet spot. “Ash!” I moaned loudly as he found it, my hips bucking slightly.
He smirked and whispered in my ear, “You’re lucky I wasn’t touching your hips just now,” before going back to the spot and sucking and nipping on it, leaving a hickey. I moaned deeply as he did so, getting even wetter. After he left the hickey, he licked it and then shifted his focus to teasing, licking and sucking on my breasts, leaving me a writhing, moaning mess. He smirked and trailed a hand from my breasts down to my clit, forcing me to remain still, as he continued the assault on my breasts. I moaned as he started teasing my clit, just barely refraining from bucking into his touch.
“Dammit Ash, please!!” I moaned as he started fingering me, still teasing my breasts.
“Please what...” Ashley asked and stopped everything as he walked around so he was between my legs and looked up at me, smirking. I whimpered and looked at him pleadingly.
“Answer me... what are you begging for... I want to hear you say it...” Ashley commanded with a huge smirk on his face.
“You... inside of me… fucking me to oblivion,” I moaned deeply.
Ashley smirked and said, “As you wish...” before thrusting deeply into me.
“YES!” I moaned loudly, trying not to buck to meet him.
“Fuck Dani, so good!” Ashley moaned as he started pounding into me, hard and fast.
“Oooh...” I moaned, throwing my head back, already at my verge because of all the teasing. Ashley shifted slightly and angled deeper into me, going harder and faster.
“Ashley!! YES!!” I yelled as I came hard. I moaned deeply as he continued pounding into me. Ashley moaned and went harder and faster, determined to make me come again.
“Oooh yes Ash!” I yelled as I felt another orgasm building.
“Yes Dani!! That’s it, come again!!” Ashley yelled, his orgasm fast approaching.
“Fuck!” I yelled, teetering at my verge. Ashley went as hard and fast as he could as he reached his verge.
“ASSHLEYYY!!” I screamed as I came hard, shaking in pleasure.
“YES DAANII!” Ashley yelled as he came hard, thrusting into me a couple more times as he rode out his orgasm, panting. Ashley moaned and pulled out before releasing my ankles from the cuffs and setting them on the floor. I moaned and hung limply from my wrists. Ashley pulled me close, supporting me, as he reached up and released my wrists as well. I moaned and managed to wrap my arms around his neck as he carried us back to the bed and set me down. Ashley laid down next to me and covered us with blankets as he said, “Goodnight.” “
Night Ashley,” I moaned before drifting off to sleep, Ashley following suit shortly thereafter.



hey what's up how r u can u add me O:) on facebook if u have account plz id like to talk to u https://www.facebook.com/katheryn.purdy.7

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Lol, okay :) I'm glad
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My life is complete now. :)
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