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Can you ever forgive me?


Cassidy is a bully and a liar. But when Andrew Biersack comes into town, something unexpected happens to her. Cassidy doesn't know the famous side of him and starts to change for him. Changing as in lying to him. Cassidy could live the rest of her life happy and continue to lie to him, but she tells him the truth instead. Was it a mistake or will Andy forgive her?


Abigail "Abby" Ross (25)

Abigail "Abby" Ross (25)

Cassidy's best friend. Abby knows all of Cassidy's secrets and is the most loyal friend you could ever imagine. She does not participate in Cassidy's bullying activities and tells Cassidy when she needs to stop. Abby has heard of BVB and she loves Ashley to death.

Andrew Biersack (24)

Andrew Biersack (24)

The lead singer of BVB and goes back to Ohio to visit old friends. There he meets the girl of his dreams

Ashley Purdy (31)

Ashley Purdy (31)

Ashley plays bass in Black Veil Brides. He's looking for a soulmate and goes with Andy to Ohio. There he falls in love with Cassidy but he doesn't realize where his true love is.

Cassidy Davis (22)

Cassidy Davis (22)

Cassidy is a bully but she has her reasons. She has many secrets about her home and past life. She broke up with her old boyfriend, Josh, because he abused her. Underneath, Cassidy is actually a nice and beautiful girl.

Christian "CC" Coma (29)

Christian "CC" Coma (29)

CC plays drums in Black Veil Brides. He has always liked Andy's friend, Jessica, but thinks that Andy likes Jessica.

Jake Pitts (29)

Jake Pitts (29)

Jake plays lead guitar in Black Veil Brides. He loves pizza so much.

Jessica Young (23)

Jessica Young (23)

One of Cassidy's victims. Jessica is a sweet girl and loves Black Veil Brides. She and Andy used to be best friends. Andy comes back to Ohio to give her a vist and Cassidy gets jealous. Jessica knows about Cassidy's tragic dating life.

Jinxx (29)

Jinxx (29)

Jinxx plays guitar in Black Veil Brides. He isn't in the mood to be searching for a soulmate and is jealous of all the love going around.

Josh Jennings (22)

Josh Jennings (22)

Cassidy's old boyfriend. She broke up with him because he abused her. He dated her because she was popular but he eventually fell in love with her. He still loves her


  1. Big suprises

  2. A big mistake

  3. New Strangers In Town

  4. New Love

    Part 1

  5. New Love

    Part 2

  6. Another mistake?

  7. I'm not falling for you

  8. Horses!

  9. This is a note

  10. Secrets almost revealed

    So happy I found time to update!

  11. A Solution?

    Cassidy is offered one of the biggest things she's ever wanted.

  12. Yes?..... No?

  13. My whole life was a lie

    Cassidy learns one dark secret about her family.

  14. Hospital Wakeup

  15. My New Apartment

  16. My Mom Never Gives Up

  17. Standing up to my mother

  18. Telling part of the truth

  19. The start of something new

  20. NOTE

    Not a real chapter

  21. Jinxx and Jessica ?

    Part 1 *read authors note! Very important

  22. Jinxx and Jessica?!

    Part 2 *option A was picked:)

  23. Andy's Feelings

    Andy's pov

  24. Going out....

  25. A little of the past....

    Part 1

  26. A little of the past

    Part 2


Hey guys! This is Kaili, owner of the story on my new account! I'm continuing this and the next chapter will be posted in a couple of days! Stay tuned.

Hey guys, this is the owner of the story, Kaili, on a friends account. Ummmm...... So I can't sign in with my other google account that I wrote the story on because of the GoogleID 2.0 going away.... So I will be making a new account and finishing the story on that one.... :)

BVB_loverrrrr BVB_loverrrrr

Um bitch you're getting a punch to the throat messing with my man. Cassidy bitch you punch especially when a bitch calls you fat.knock her ass out

Rockcandypanda Rockcandypanda

Of course I liked it I love this story your an amazing writer

Aww thanks! I'm supposed to be studying right now but I'll just wing it. :) I'm glad you liked the chapter too