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Hollywood Bridge

Rebel Lovesong

I pulled up at Cathy's place and turned off the engine. I pressed the horn quickly then got out Jake's car - I needed a ride for what I had planned for tonight.
I was halfway up the steps leading to her apartment when she stumbled into me.
"Oh! Hey sweetie!" she kissed me softly.
"Hi." She still made my throat dry.
She took my hand and dragged me down the steps, jogging to the car.
"Gosh! It's freezing!" she complained.
I gave her my leather jacket and she slipped it over her own shoulders.
"You'd be warmer if you weren't in a crop top!"
"Whatever!" she said playfully, poking my arm. I grabbed it and gasped.
"You're killing me!" I mocked as I turned the key.


I turned left.
"Ryan, you just passed the movies."
"I did?" I said dryly. She had no clue. I kept going.


We pulled up at the airport. Cathy opened her mouth. I put my finger on her soft lips and pulled out two tickets, to the Bahamas.
"But, I don't have a passport with me!" She breathed.
I pulled her passport out the door pocket.
"I didn't pack clothes!" she panicked slightly.
"We'll get new ones." I stated simply.
Silence. Then; "Well, let's go!" She laughed.

We entered the airport hand in hand. I had managed to gather up some of her clothes and I had crammed them in with my stuff- so I checked the case in.
Cathy was about to go through security when I gently grabbed her upper arm.
"There's something I have to do first, in the Costa Coffee over there." I said, praying they'd pull through.
"Uh, sure babe." we walked over together.
As soon as we came through the door 'The Brides' did as I asked, giving me a moment to do what I had to and get into position.
After her forced cuddle with 5 guys, she had lost track of me - according to plan.
"Where'd Ryan go!?"
"Turn around." I whispered from my knees on the floor.
"What are you doing down there!?"
"Hunting elephants!" I sassed her.
I pulled out the cake -lemon, her favourite- with the ring imbedded in it.
She gasped.
"Cathy, I'm not so good with words, but I love you. I always want to be with you." I paused "So, marry me?"




oh, wow. Thank you *shyly shuffles from foot to foot* I'm no good with compliments. XD
I'm glad you liked it. :)

Beautiful! I loved the way it was written, the portrayal of the characters and just the idea in general. Thank you so much for this lovely story. :)

Lucifer Lucifer

Always, darling. XD

and you're a dear, dear. Love bad jokes :D
Let's be awkward together :3♥

MarryBerry MarryBerry

Thank you. You are such a darling (did I mention that you're a darling? XD sorry, late and weird again.)