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Hollywood Bridge

Pizza and Sushi and White Veils Don't Mix

I stood nervously in Ashley's room. He had been insistent on me staying at his on the night before the wedding instead of the apartment Cathy and I were moving into. Apparently he wanted to help me get ready, but we only had an hour and he was still unconscious on the bathroom floor with at least 3 hookers.
I had resorted to phoning Jake. I felt way better after our conversation on the bridge last night. i would not taint this new chapter in my life with my past, no chance.
Jake tapped the door and walked in. I sprinted downstairs to meet him in the hallway. Ashley's place was stunning, 4 floors and an underground garage for his bikes. I didn't get why one guy needed that much space, but it was beautiful nonetheless. The kitchen was on the first floor and had all black and white highly polished marble surfaces. The next floor was the living-room, literally just the whole floor was a massive open area with a T.V and stereo in the corner and some sofas, beanbags etc... were placed about. Up another floor were two bedrooms and a massive bathroom. One room for Ash, and a guest room. The top floor was divided into equal thirds; Ash's 'man-cave', his recording studio, and a balcony that jutted out of the side of the house. Everything was modern and clean. Nothing really had much of a personal touch, as if the hose wasn't lived in - and i guess it wasn't, yet another price of celebrity.
We stood over the scene in the bathroom. It was gross.
I can understand what all those teenagers like about Ash- he's hot as hell and a decent enough bloke if you give him a shot- but i honestly think they would change their minds if they saw him covered in bite marks with vomit in his hair (seriously, how can you throw up in your hair and nowhere else?!)
"There's really only one way to handle this." Jake said as he grabbed the shower head and switched it to the coldest setting. "You may want to stand back." He laughed, flicking the switch. Let's just say that Ashley's screaming put 'Perfect Weapon' to shame.

I tugged my tie. It was horribly uncomfortable.
"Come on. Jake! I have a surprise for you!" I told him dragging him to the food table. I covered his eyes easily, he was shorter than me now. I was as tall as Andy.
I moved my hands and directed him towards the plate.
"It's sushi wrapped in pizza!" I tell him. He grins like the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland.
"Oh My God! It's perfect!" he says with a laugh.

Seraphine bursts out of the back room, where my future wife hides from view. She whispers to Ashley, who is openly checking her out - but he looks only mildly interested, like he is waiting on someone else. Every so often he checks his phone and glances about and looks hopefully at the doors when someone enters.
"What's wrong?" Jake and I ask simultaneously, him with a mouth full of pizza/sushi.
"Cathy has somehow managed to get pizza/sushi on her veil." she says quite calmly.
"Okay, so just don't wear a veil." Ash suggests.
Seraphine cuts him a glare. "She's freaking out."
"Well should i see her?" i ask.
Seraphine laughs. "Bad luck, no way!"
Bex rushes out of the same room Seraphine came from clutching some black fabric. "Solved! We can use this instead!" She says, handing the gauzy fabric to Seraphine.
"Okay." she says and begins to walk back to the door. She glances back around "Oh, and, Ashley! I would most appreciate it if you would refrain from staring at my chest when I'm not working!"

15 minutes later, we are stood in front of the registry desk at the venue where we will say our vows.
"You got the rings, Ash?"
"Of course."
The song begins to play and Cathy walks out on Jake's arm. She is dressed in plain black layered silk. The dress is strapless and corseted. The only colour is the white pearls laced through her hair tied up. She looks beautiful.
Ashley stifles a giggle.
"she is literally a Black Veiled Bride right now you know!"
I smile.


One chapter left. Just to to close it off for now. There will be a sequel, but it's about Ashley more than Ryan.
Who is Ashley looking for in the crowd?


oh, wow. Thank you *shyly shuffles from foot to foot* I'm no good with compliments. XD
I'm glad you liked it. :)

Beautiful! I loved the way it was written, the portrayal of the characters and just the idea in general. Thank you so much for this lovely story. :)

Lucifer Lucifer

Always, darling. XD

and you're a dear, dear. Love bad jokes :D
Let's be awkward together :3♥

MarryBerry MarryBerry

Thank you. You are such a darling (did I mention that you're a darling? XD sorry, late and weird again.)