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Hollywood Bridge

A Savior

I'd been waiting for this much rainfall for weeks, been waiting for these perfect conditions for what felt like forever.
The torrent of water rushed beneath me, roaring like an angered beast as the wind softly pushed me into it's jaws.
It had to be tonight.
I was sat on the edge of the bridge, the ice cold metal biting into my palms and setting its icy poison into my veins. The cold worked like a drug, making me numb to what i was going to do.
It had to be tonight.
The rainfall in California was just too unstable, I might not have gotten the right flood conditions for months.
It had to be tonight. It had to be tonight that I did it. I spent so long drowning in my sorrows, I would drown myself before I let them get me.
I pined the note under a rock as a car came whizzing past. I took a deep breath. And stopped. Something was off.
I looked over my shoulder as a man -about a decade older than me- was approaching. The car that had just passed was parked further up the road. He said nothing, just sat beside me.
"it's a beautiful night." he murmured.
"Don't do it kid."


a short starter chapter. :)


oh, wow. Thank you *shyly shuffles from foot to foot* I'm no good with compliments. XD
I'm glad you liked it. :)

Beautiful! I loved the way it was written, the portrayal of the characters and just the idea in general. Thank you so much for this lovely story. :)

Lucifer Lucifer

Always, darling. XD

and you're a dear, dear. Love bad jokes :D
Let's be awkward together :3♥

MarryBerry MarryBerry

Thank you. You are such a darling (did I mention that you're a darling? XD sorry, late and weird again.)