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Legacy (Christian Coma Fan-Fic)

Chapter One

~Josie's POV~
Uhh I hate waking up oh so early for this lame ass shit called school. I get as I realize it is my last day and I will be out of there forever!!! As of right now I have no plans for collage..all I want to do is drum. I have been drumming since I was 15, now I'm almost 19. I have black "Scene" hair and my nose pierced. I some how got my mom to agree on letting my dye my hair, maybe because I did it when I was 18 and I said and I quote "I'm 18. I can do this now mom. If I don't like it, I'll get over it. I have to learn my lesson on my own." I ended up loving it. I feel like black suits me. I grew up "heavy" when I was 14 I started not eating and working out alot. I lost that weight quick. I always watch what I eat...when I eat. I get up and do light make up since it's hot as hell outside today. I get dressed in a confy yet cute outfit. I look in the mirror, Damn I look good today! I thought. And off to school I go...Yay....>_< At least it is Field Day and I guess 3 bands that will be on Warped Tour will be there so YAY!!!
~CC's POV~
Holy shit..I'm so hyper...Andy..is going to kill me! Oh well!!! I skipped to the car as I wait for the guys to hurry up. We are going to a school for their field day. I guess Blood on the Dance Floor and Falling In Reverse will be there too..SWEET!!! I sit in my seat bobbing up and down waiting for the 4 weirdos to hurry the hell up I WANNA GO!! "HEY LOSERS! CC CANT WAIT ALL DAY!! WHAT IF THEIR ARE FANS THERE???? I WANNA HUG PEOPLE AND EAT CANDY!! SLOW ASSES!!!" I screamed out the car...getting a few mean looks from people waling by..WHOOPS!!! And here they all come all 3 bands and we head off.
~Josie's POV~
I look up from my amazing music playing to see BVB, BOTDF AND FIR walking around.. Nobody here likes these types of bands, but I do! OH MY JINXX! They are frickin walking up to me! WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?? I KNOW! I put my ear buds back in and sit by the sidewalk and keep to myself..I know what you are thinking "why didn't you just talk to them" well 1: BVB and BOTDF saved my life many times and helped me through alot of shit and 2: I am afraid I'll seem weird...just my thought. I slightly look up and I see CC running towards me...CC was always my favorite. I am just like him kinda. I just keep looking down and next thing I know I'm in someone's arms SHIT! "WHAT THE HELL DUDE?!?!? CAN'T A GIRL JUST LISTEN TO BLACK VEIL BRIDES WITHOUT BEING MESSED WITH?!?!?" It startled me and I open my eyes and see CC's face in mine. "You like BVB? OMG YOU'RE A FAN!! and I like hugging people so get over it." I smile a little. This is why I love this man. "Can you put me down CC? I don't wanna hurt you.." I am so weird about my body.. I always feel fat even though I not..it's weird. "Why? you are light and you're not hurting me?" SHIT "CC dont make me.." I' gonna have to use his full name..damn it..."do what?" he smiles his perfect smile...ok here it comes. "Christian Robert Mora Coma! Put me down now!" I stated.."No" What did he just say to me..."Please..I'll buy you candy.." He thought until here came the rest of the guys. "What did you say? You'll buy him candy?" they all asked me.."Yeah, If he puts me down nicely right now..If not then no candy." CC gasped and set me down softly. "Thank you Christian." He glared at me. "It's CC missy." I glared back. "I shall call you Christian if you keep picking me up." He just stared at me. "Holy shit she is good" Ash said. "Can I go back to my play list or no.." CC eyes widened. "You don't like us?" "Hell No!" They all looked sad. shit.."you know why? Because I love you all duh! I'm in the army" I say showing my tattoo I got for my 18th birthday from my mom. "sweet! Now since you're the only person who is a fan of our bands..you get to hang out with us!" Dahvie tuned in. "What if I don't wanna hang out with ALL, maybe just a few.." i said looking and smiling to CC. "OMG she like CC!" Andy shouted. SHIT Biersack!! "Whaa? pffff...maybe...deal with it." I said..."You do?" CC asked. "No duh. Out of all my idols and heroes you helped me the most.. I drum, and be myself because of you. Now don't get me wrong ALL of them helped me and taught me to be myself but you helped me a little bit more..and don't be weirded out but I always had a small-ish big crush on you CC." His eyes brightened.."But it kinda faded when I realized you are 16 years older than me and I have NO chance at all with you.." He look sad..aww..i made him sad.." Shit..I'll be right back. My friend needs me." I said leaving..lying..hahah I had no friends here.
~CC's POV~
I was shoked that she liked me but I was happy until she said she realized that I was too old for her..SHIT! She was beautiful and amazing.. "CC? You okay dude?" Ash asked. "Uh Yeah..CC is A Okay!" I said. "WOW! That chick was cute..I may have a chance" said Ash. "dude if 16 is too old for her I think 15 years is to old for her.." I said...I'm pissed ash would try that. Shit here she comes back..and we never got her name..
~Josie's POV~
I was walking back and I heard Ash tell the guys that he may have a chance...really? He is a player. Don't get me wrong. I love him and he has helped me but no. I'm sorry just no. I slowly walk up. "I am back and I'm an unicorn now! fear my rainbows!" I said trying to make them laugh. "HOLY SHIT! ANOTHER HUMAN UNICORN!!! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!" Dahvie yelled..People just stared. I giggle. "Anyway..wanna go look around and play the shitty ass games here?" I asked. "Change of plans. We are going in groups.. And the 1st group is you and CC. whatever your name is." Andy said. "First off...my name is Josie! and second don't I get a frickin say in this? I mean what if I wanted to be with CC AND Dahvie?" I asked. "Well because I'm with Mr. Jayy Von here sweetie..maybe later." Dahvie said. "I'm okay with how things are. I just like putting up a fight. People say I should be a lawyer." I said. "what do you say?" Cc asked putting his arm around me. "I say 'HELL NO! I wanna drum and be a rock-star and NOTHING is stopping me' but i usually have people saying that I cant be because I'm a girl and that's when I'm like "SANDRA ALVA is a girl and she drums.' and they shut the hell up." I say being proud in my answer. "You wanna be like me huh?" Cc asked. "Maayybee..." I say trying to get out of this.."So how about these groups." Jinxx said breaking the awkwardness. And with that being said, everyone was off and there was just me and CC.



Amazing story! Glad to see a CC love story!

Ms.PurdyGirl Ms.PurdyGirl