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I found a Wendy's and got some food. Everyone in this town were very nice, unlike most of the towns I've been at. The cashier even gave me a discount on my food. I slowly ate, and tried to think of a plan.
"Let's see, I can keep running, but what if they said was true? They could kill me, or hurt me. I could stay, but what if they still kill me? What if they send other vampires after me if i run? What if-" My thoughts got interrupted by someone sitting next to me. I looked and saw the cashier. "I can leave if I need to." I said quietly.
"No. No. That's not why I came over here. I'm on my break and I don't have anyone to talk to. I thought that maybe you wanted to hang out of something?" The cashier asked more than said.
"I'd love to. I'm Jen." I said a little bit louder.
"I'm Bre. I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just move here or something?" Bre asked.
"No. I'm just passing threw. I don't stay in places long. I'm a runaway most of the time." I said.
"Oh. I'm sorry. Do you need a place to crash at? I'm sure my par-" Bre started to say, but got cut off by someone yelling her name. "Sorry." She said then walked back to the counter.
I finished my food then threw away my trash. I left a tip for Bre and my number. I left Wendy's then walked around the town.It wasn't much, but there was a big park. I saw a lot of people there. I walked around some more until there was nothing left to see. I went back to the park and sat a a table. A few guys started walking my way. I could tell they were druggies just by their looks. I got off the table and walked back towards Wendy's. Someone grabbed my arm and turned me around. I came face to face with a tall guy about my age.
"Hey don't let those creeps bother you. "They just want to drug you up then rape you. Come with me and hang out. I promise nothing bad will happen. Oh yea I'm Blake. You are?" Blake said. He reminded me a lot like Andy only with snake bites and bright green eyes. "Jen right?" Blake asked. I slowly nodded. "Sorry I didn't mean to pry. You've met my brother Andy. He's asleep right now, but should be waking up in a couple hours. Sorry I sound like a creep right now." Blake babbled on. I could only laugh a little on how cute he was when he babbles.
Blake and me talked for a while. Well more like he talked and knew the answers. He explained ro me how he's in the sunlight without dying. He has some magic ring that Andy doesn't know about. The sun was starting to set, and I knew that I needed to get back to the bus. Blake offered to walk me back, but I turned down his offer. He gave me his number and told me to text him when I got back. He might be related to Andy, but they are nothing alike.
I was almost to the bus when the druggies from the park came out of an alley and started following me. I walked faster, but they still were close enough to me to hurt me. I could faintly see the bus from the setting sun's light. I knew they must be waking up right now, or already awake. I smelt pot, and then felt someone grab me by the hair and pull me back.



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Haha! imma try to type out another chapter and post it tonight but no promises

Liljen98 Liljen98

Damn girl please don't do cliffhangers I love ur story to much for that

That's a heck of a cliff you have me holding on to.

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow

Omg.. cliffhanger. xP

♡ the update

IzzieDeadnow IzzieDeadnow