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You're My Saviour *Andy Biersack Love Story*

Another Day, Another Scar

The bell signalling my first day back at Hell I mean school had just rung, and I was collecting my textbooks, thrusting them into my bag as fast I could to get out of the school when Brittany sauntered up to my desk with Lena and Kate fast in tow. I rolled my eyes and practically jogged to my locker with them on my heel. I had just opened the locker hoping they'd ignore me like everyone else when she slammed my locker shut and shoved me against the locker.
"You little whore!" she shrieked into my face, causing the entire hall to become silent and watch. The quarterback on our school's football team, Dave, gave a cocky smile and strode over to us, helping to pin me down. I didn't say anything just struggled, not making eye contact.
"Oof," I muttered softly as I felt Dave's knee connect with my stomach, winding me and causing me to drop to the floor and look like a pathetic suckerfish as I gasped for air. They all laughed and started to walk away from my crumpled form on the floor. I sighed in relief but it was short-lived. Kate grinned evilly and stepped back towards me, giving a swift kick to my ribs. I heard a crack and let out a shocked cry. She threw her head back in laughter before strutting to catch up to Brittany, Lena and Dave who gave her a high five and slapped her ass.
I lied there until the hall had cleared out, and glanced at my phone to see the time. 4:00. Shit. I pushed myself into a sitting position and cried out as pain shot through my chest. I gasped. Were my ribs broken? I tenderly brushed the tips of my black-clad nails along my side, wincing as I touched the risen lump. If they weren't broken they were definitely swollen. I hobbled to the door, wincing with each step and gingerly made my way home.
I jammed the key into the lock and carefully pushed the door open, peeking around the door. I sighed with relief as I caught sight of Steve passed out on the couch with a beer in his hand. I tiptoed through the house, down the stairs to my room in the basement and locked the door to my room. Crawling under my bed, I reached for the carefully hidden shoebox filled with my blades.
I pulled out the sharpest one I could find and sat in the corner. Emo. I pressed the blade into my skin. Slut. I pressed again. Whore. And again. I repeated this process for every name I had been called today, as well as one for Steve's assault, one for my mom and one just because. In total I had 14 new cuts down my arm and legs. Smiling to myself I stood up and dabbed at the cuts with a piece of tissue, watching the scarlet drops being absorbed into the white sheet. I threw it into the trash can and changed into my pyjamas


And climbed into my bed with my laptop placed on my burning thighs. I opened youtube and tumblr so I could listen to "I'm not Alright" by Sanctus Real and scroll through my dashboard. Suddenly I saw a post that changed my outlook on the day. "Black Veil Brides coming to Long Beach, CA this October. Get your tickets now!" The words jumped out at me. I squealed excitedly and clicked on the link to purchase tickets. I jumped up and did a small excited dance to Rebel Love Song as I cried out tears of happiness. I had just gotten FRONT ROW tickets!!!!
I was so excited as I climbed back into bed, smiling. I closed my eyes and counted the days until the concert, finally falling into the first blissful sleep I'd had in years.

A/N Alright so tell me what you think so far! It's not great but I swear it'll get better, I literally just started writing tonight and am uploading as I write. I'm hoping to have at least 6 chapters before I head to bed, but I've had a pretty shitty week and I'm not in the greatest mood so please don't judge too harshly. Thanks! ♥


Don't want this to be stolen, so Copyright 2013©

Thanks for reading!
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what happened it was soo good

taterbaby taterbaby
Are you okay? Is everything okay? I'm worried about you since you haven't uploaded anything on quotev since the 12th of may and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because I feel like something's not right. I'm here if you wanna talk to me :3 please don't end your life.
Cyborgpenguin Cyborgpenguin
Thank you so much!! <3 If you want to read more, go to the link on Quotev : http://www.quotev.com/story/3054580/Youre-My-Saviour/1/
I have more chapters on there, this site just pisses me off and wrecks the chapters when I update it on here. Thanks for reading! <3
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx
awesome thankyou and you know update please and thankyou. <3
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle
I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks again :)
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx