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You're My Saviour *Andy Biersack Love Story*

How Did You Find Me?

I slowly rose back into consciousness, and was about to open my eyes when I heard voices. My gut instantly told me to keep my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep. I don't know why my gut told me this, but I decided it would be best if I listened, so I deepened my breathing and tried to make it authentic.
"I want a turn with her," a familiar voice grumbled. I choked back the gasp that came. Steve. Steve was here, he found me.
"You'll get your turn. But we need to follow the plan," a male's voice replied.
"Someone wake her up," he barked. I barely had a minute to let everything sink in when someone brought down a fist, hitting me squarely in the stomach. I sputtered, trying to get a breath as I jolted to a sitting position, clutching my stomach.
"Stand up bitch," Steve growled, grasping my hair and jerking me up, hard. I winced and stood, trying to disengage my hair from his fist. He tightened his grip and pulled me over to a computer with a camera. Steve threw me on the floor in front of a tall man with greying hair and a balding head. He bent down, slapping me across the face before taping my mouth shut. I shrieked against the tape and struggled until he flicked the monitor on, revealing a Skype call.
I glanced up at the screen with terror-filled eyes, tears starting to stream down. I watched as my eyes focused on the screen, revealing Andy's worried face with the rest of the guys crowded in behind him. He looked pissed, and his eyes seemed to be red, almost as if he were crying. I cried out his name, muffled by the tape.
"As you can see," the man who taped my mouth shut started, "we have dear Alexandria here," he spat the words.
"Let her go you bastard!" Andy shrieked at the camera.
"Ah, ah, ah," he mocked. "Rudeness will not be tolerated. Steve? Punishment," he snapped his fingers and Steve slammed his foot into my ribcage, causing me to cry out and crumple in on myself.
"No!" Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx all shrieked at the same time, and CC slammed his fist down on the desk in the screen hard. My ribs ached with pain and I tried to choke back tears.
"Let her go," Andy tried again, softer this time as his blue orbs filled with tears. His eyes didn't leave me as he spoke. "Please. I'll- I'll give you whatever you want," he begged, sounding defeated. The man and the members of Black Veil Brides fought for a while after that. I couldn't understand what they were saying, all I could focus on was the pain. Steve had used a knife on my stomach, cheek, wrists, legs, and other exposed flesh. I was laying in a puddle of blood, my blood. It seeped from the wounds. I couldn't keep my head up anymore, and once again sunk into the abyss.
*Andy's P.O.V.*

"Damnit!" I shrieked, slamming my fist on the desk as CC had earlier before burying my head in my hands to hide the tears that flowed freely down my face.
"Hey, man. We'll get her back," Ashley said, placing an arm on my shoulder comfortingly. I shook my head, standing up abruptly.
"We're going to get her, now." I said, leaving no room for argument as I swung my jacket around my shoulders and marched to the door with the band in tow. John came up and was about to stop him, I turned and decked him in the face. I know he doesn't particularly like Alex, but he wasn't getting in my way of rescuing her. He fell backwards and I breezed past.
"Yo, was that really necessary dude?" CC said uncertainly as he jogged to catch up to my pace. I shrugged and slammed the car door, barely giving the guys enough time to get in before slamming the gas pedal.
"Andy, I hate to be the one to point this out, but do you even know where we're going?" Jinxx asked. I glared at him through the mirror and he threw his hand up in surrender.
"He's at the old studio," I muttered after a bit of thought.
"You know this how..?" Jake inquired.
"Back when the original members were in Black Veil Brides, we had a producer that got pissed cause we switched to a better label. He hates me for it because he lost a lot, but he was a dick. I can tell they're there because I recognize the room we'd go to smoke when it was snowing like a motherfucker." I explained as I drove madly through the deserted streets towards the studio.
"Why'd you guys leave anyway?" Jinxx asked.
"Like I said, he was a dick and wasn't looking for the band's best interests." I spat as I took a sharp corner.
"One thing doesn't make sense. Why is Steve there?" Ashley said, trying to figure this out.
"That's what I want to know. When I find that fucker, he's dead." I growled. Moments of silence passed and we pulled up in front of the old studio.

A/N Alright, this is purely fiction. I know most of you know that I just want to make sure you understand. Andy probably wouldn't do that to John, and I don't know if the old producer part is true, it is strictly for the story that I added it in. Comment and heart ♥ Thanks for reading c:


Don't want this to be stolen, so Copyright 2013©

Thanks for reading!
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what happened it was soo good

taterbaby taterbaby
Are you okay? Is everything okay? I'm worried about you since you haven't uploaded anything on quotev since the 12th of may and I just wanted to make sure you're okay because I feel like something's not right. I'm here if you wanna talk to me :3 please don't end your life.
Cyborgpenguin Cyborgpenguin
Thank you so much!! <3 If you want to read more, go to the link on Quotev : http://www.quotev.com/story/3054580/Youre-My-Saviour/1/
I have more chapters on there, this site just pisses me off and wrecks the chapters when I update it on here. Thanks for reading! <3
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx
awesome thankyou and you know update please and thankyou. <3
Mak-a-doodle Mak-a-doodle
I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks again :)
xxAshley6xx xxAshley6xx